Nov. 26th, 2013


Nov. 26th, 2013 06:26 pm
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[ the view is obscured by an exhale of cigarette smoke, until jenny lifts a hand to wave it away. the gesture is unremarkable, except it's irritable somehow. the camera is sitting on her bedside table, angled a bit carelessly, because when she moves away from it, she doesn't seem to care if her face shows or not-- but she's visible from the middle down, pacing and smoking. ]


Has anyone seen Julian Keller?

[ another exhale of smoke. then she moves to sit on the cot. ]

He sent me something. So I just wanna know if anyone's fucking seen him or not.

[ she lifts a hand to run through her hair. it's getting long now. but she's quiet. quiet for a while. then irritably, she flicks her cigarette to floor and grinds it out. hard. ]

Happy fucking holidays.

[ then she turns the feed off. ]
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So, uh. I've kind of got a really dumb question. Bear with me.

How do people who've been here a long time count their birthdays? Is it like, you still want to have them even though we're gonna go back to where we started when we got Ported here? Or is it more like having free time to prolong your youth as long as possible?

Because if it's typical to count your birthdays, well. I'm gonna be 40 this weekend. And without my best friend or my partner here to give me crap about it, I guess I'm at the mercy of my new friends here to send me over the hill. Preferably with a lot of alcohol.

...oh, but if time doesn't count here? Then forget I said anything about 40! Nope, I didn't say that. I'm not that old, seriously.


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