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◘ video ◘ 11

[the video switches on, bouncing a little on a hip before a sharp hiss of static and incorporeality. Ghost moving into a room uninvited, but not exactly stealthily.] You were a challenge to find.

[a voice replies from somewhere out-of-frame, female and familiar. a little less combative than the network may be used to.]

That's the point. And you didn't ask.

[the vocoder's level, neutral, as the video keeps recording a blank and unhelpful wall.] My error. I have made several crucial ones in my dealings with you. But I intend to rectify them. [a pause] Tell me why you requested access to the root functions of the Network.

There was something I needed. [audible is the click of fingers on a laptop keyboard, a pen scratching across paper without lifting. Candy sounds distracted.] And now I've gotten it. Why?

[a beat] Don't tell me you took a six hour road trip just for that.

[Ghost drifts closer, a gloved hand leaning on the desk in the shot] Professional curiosity. ...and no. I didn't. [the silence is gathering. Unpleasant, the moment before the Rubicon; the short step before the drop, the anticipation of pain.] Where is she, really?

[the stubborn bluff.] "She?"

I wager still alive, in an undisclosed location. For as long as her value holds... but nothing is certain. [there are little cracks, barely perceptible, in the mechanical voice. The human underneath struggling to remain level. Building anger palpable.] You were very convincing. I should thank you for giving me the opportunity to say goodbye.

[sudden sounds; the shifting of a chair, toppling and crashing to the floor with a violence smothered beneath that of gunshots. everything crackles, interrupted, like damaged film--and then the comm lifts, focusing deliberately on Candy as she writhes on the floor in the grip of what looks like a heart attack.

And then her skin mottles to a sickly, inhuman green, her features shifting, harsher, sharper. Alien.

There's a dead Skrull lying on the floor, Network.]

...I am sorry.
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What the hell is that?
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What do they want? How can you tell who is a skrull? How do we even know if there are more?

[the next text comes shortly after.]

Can they assume the powers of the person they mimic?
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Are they susceptible to torture?
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I can work with that. And I take it they're just as easy as humans to kill.
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Head wounds, blood loss? Can they shapeshift into inanimate objects or animals? Or out of restraints, for instance?
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That is a risk I am more than willing to take.

What about memories?
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I appreciate the intel, even if you turn out to be one of these things. If you are, by the way, I am planning on having fun flaying your buddies alive, so keep it in mind.

I don't intend to let an alien invasion get in the way of my goals, Mr. Ghost.