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Seventeenth Scuttle - Video

[The feed begins in Zoidberg's warehome. He is busily stacking several crates labeled 'Emergency Alien Invasion Supplies, property of Bender B. Rodriguez! Claws off, Dr. Lameberg' into tidy rows, humming cheerfully as he does.]

Bender, you want I should put the pistols over here next to the whiskey?

[The answer comes from off camera:]

No, no, no! I want it arranged alphabetically, from smallest to largest in descending order. Pay attention!

[Zoidberg drops the boxes, looking slightly panicked.]

Yes, Bender! Whatever you say, Bender! Please don't strike me again, Bender! [pause] There's still so much to do ahead of the alien invasion! I wonder if the others have begun the necessary preparations.

Well, if they haven't then I guess I'll be the only sentient being left on Earth. [He takes a moment to consider this]

[Zoidberg looks rather excited by this for a moment! Then suddenly, he gasps!]

But then all of our friends and associates will be doomed!

[Gasp!] But who will give me attention then?

I could still give you attention, Bender!

Shut the hell up Zoidberg, I'm pondering!

Perhaps if we were to share our extensive knowledge on the subject…?

Hmm... How much do you think they would pay me?

Probably several dollars! Maybe even more!

Maybe I could publish a book! And appear on TV! They might even make me a statue, for saving Earth!

Then you would truly be the hero the rowbutt woman wanted you to be!

And I can rub it in that stupid, no good, stinking pile of-- Zoidberg! That doesn't look color coded to me!

[Zoidberg drops the box he is holding, whoops loudly and scuttles away!]

No! Not the strap! Please don't whip me!

You're lucky if that's all I do, you- Hey! You dropped the porn!

[The video cuts off as Bender can be seen storming across the warehouse after Zoidberg, knocking boxes over in his wake.]

((ooc: Orange is Zoidberg, grey is Bender.))
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What, exactly, am I looking at here?
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Homey. But is it also an underground bunker?
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Hood? The Hood, or the Red Hood?
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[this is important oh god but he is so patient]

Yes. What does your wear?
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[he brings a hand to his forehead and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath in, then exhaling slowly.]

A hood or a helmet?
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[he lowers his hand]

Is he your boss?
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Doctor Strange? Never heard of him.

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A disgusting squid alien and me, Bender. Also, I think you saw some boxes.
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Is this how you prepare for alien invasions in the future?
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[personal profile] boozebot 2012-02-08 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Yep. Although, we probably would have surrendered by this point.
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What if your alien friend turns out to be one of the shapeshifters?
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Pfft. Like any version of Zoidberg could do anything remotely intelligent.
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You'd be the expert on the subject.
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Besides, if Zoidberg was trying to kill me or something, I would notice. I do have a very advanced processing unit for a reason.

[But he still takes a nervous glance off camera to catch a glimpse of Zoidberg, just to ensure he isn't holding one of those guns.]
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How would you notice? Everybody keeps saying they'd notice, but if these things were easy to spot, they shouldn't be such an issue.
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Nobody apart from Zoidberg can fake being that pathetic. Apart from a Zoidberg from a parallel universe.