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[ the fortieth ] / [ voice ]

Hello, City. This is your Deputy Mayor speaking. [Beat.] In case you've forgotten.


A word derived from madness, beside the mind.
Deranged rearranged: an aria op.
What is it?

Answer? Paranoia. It's quite clear that the best way to infuse paranoia into a selective population is to employ those somewhat rather predictable divide and conquer tactics. The aggressive party can then pick apart any hapless group, individual by individual, spreading through a system like a cancer. It's an effective technique and of course some know this technique better than others, so you may want to ask yourself: who benefits from paranoia? Who excels in such a setting? Moreover, who have you been talking to?

It's not impossible to find these Skrulls. Why would you ever think it impossible?
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Movies? There are movies?
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Do you people live under a rock or something?
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Yeah, there are fucking movies. And a television show from like, the 60s.
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Jesus Christ, the 60s?! Batman wasn't even alive in the 60s. Was every episode cops and robbers?
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[ a long pause.... jesus christ how does she keep attracting these kinds of people ]

Fuck if I know. Why don't you rent the goddamn DVDs yourself.
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I would if they existed here, you little brat.
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Aren't you shit out of luck then.
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[like hell is he getting into an argument with a little girl FUCK

he disconnects but know that if it was a phone he'd be slamming it down on the receiver!!]
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