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one - video

[Cue an empty wall. Yes, just an empty wall.]

So I got to thinking. Despite becoming a freed political prisoner, I'm still imprisoned by the stupid expectations of this society. Why should I be expected to protect, much less serve, these homo sapiens? After all, they're all just little mindless sheep waiting to follow the herd. Maybe I want to be the one who leads them all off a cliff! But that's too easy because they're already doing that job for me. What with their hypocrisy and mutant bigotry.

[Someone steps in front of the communicator, and for a moment the wall is blocked.] They're probably in this city too. It's everywhere, even if the people who want to pretend that people don't hate mutants refuse to admit it. [Quentin steps back and lo and behold a giant omega symbol graffiti'd in red with an x right beneath it.]

I'm going to be the one who open your eyes. So, mutant haters and those who doubt their hatred, be on guard! And for those of you too busy with your head shoved up your ass to know me, or don't know me. This is all courtesy to you by Kid Omega!
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Mutants aren't really so much of an issue here, Mr. Quire. Our numbers tend to be less than twenty rather than two hundred.
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Well, the point I'm making is, genetics aside, there's really no separation between mutants and other imPorts here. Whether we run the risk of control, well, I might not argue, but not at any sort of harsher level than anyone else you'll encounter on this Network.
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Oh, Quire. Silly boy, talking to me as if I ever sleep.
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Of course not! I'm far too dense to understand such a suggestion, so I'll choose instead to ignore it.
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Please, don't let the gibbering and simpering distract you.
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Don;t make me provide a list, now.
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"When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child."
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You know, you're not half as clever as you seem to believe.
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Oh, something you're attempting to achieve?
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Afraid of the competition?
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Then who's there to mask yourself from?
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Let's talk about what inspires that, then. Defiance?
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Why, of course. Nothing sinister implied there in the least!

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