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one □ voice.

[ the distinctive hum of the porter resonates, for a minute. then, a voice, accented canadian. ]

Wait, New York's bein' invaded again? Why would Skrulls be here? Why am I here? What's happening? Am I dreaming?

A-and... [ a long, long pause. hesitantly: ] Who's she?
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[Someone recognizes that Canadian drawl!]

Jeffries? Is that you?
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Well, I certainly haven't been anyone else, lately!

But, yes, there has been an unfortunate matter of Skrulls, lately.
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Myself or the Skrulls?

I've been here over a year, December 6th, 2010. The Skrulls, well, they were only discovered a few weeks ago. No telling if they've been present for longer!
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I think we could very safely consider this a situation, yes. The specific qualities of which include interdimensional transference through the machine you would have just encountered.

The she you mentioned, I take it?
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I wouldn't say that! I only returned from a stay at home a few weeks ago, actually.

But any such return will only be accomplished at her whim.
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I would dare say if we knew that much, we'd be in a very different situation than we are!