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[Deep, panicked breaths are transmitted through the feed, a small sniffling sound accompanied with them. She's desperate.]

Do you know how annoying it is to be this stupid woman? Everyone else could be someone important, but they stuck me with the one who sounds like Ms Piggy.

[Her angry tone sounds like Shirley, but by the way she's saying these things, you can tell it's not her. It's a Skrull.]

It's a distraction. You wasted your time on meetings and kidnappings and amputations- [She laughs a little here] -You didn't even think for once to wonder why we would want your ugly little city in the first place. Arrogance.

It's Vulcanus. They've been pumping your governments, your leaders, your politicians with our race. It was so simple to distract you, to cause everyone to distrust each other. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But, of course, this is just the first step. What happens next?

[She's bitter now, furious, but there's a definite emotional vibration in her voice that suggests she's just plain scared.]

I will tell you everything, but at a price. You grant me full immunity from prosecution, and I say what I know. You may have found out N'cho, but he's a simpleton. Li'litu also gave herself up, for sentiment. Not all of us are that idiotic; not all of us will be uncovered so easily.

Let me live, and you can finally be rid of the whole plot. And just to prove I'm no fraud- Namora is a Skrull. I would catch her before she runs back into the ocean. I'll expect contact within ten minutes, or you're never getting any information out of me.

[OOC: Unfortunately, Skrulley is now no longer around. This post comes a little while after the previous one, after she's done answering questions.]
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Why say such unkind things about so delightful a woman? Mrs. Bennett never caused anyone harm that I'm aware of!
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I hadn't heard about it, no.
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Well, I don't think I'm really in a position to judge her on such a condition, but she seemed deeply earnest and personable in my interactions with her. Hardly what I'd consider unimportant.

Just consider the therapeutic applications of the goods she'd sell!
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As much a point as the second may hold, when not taken in moderation, I highly disagree with the first! Perhaps some recipe could be devised that better accounts for the tastebuds of Skrulls.