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[The image flickers on to a woman with a sour expression. It's the special kind of sour that comes from being transported to another dimension. More than a few curls have escaped from her ponytail to frame her face but Renee is hardly one to keep appearances when it comes to shit like this.]

The City... might as well call it Gotham for all these fucking pamphlets have told me. Even the buildings look the same, mixed up though.

[Her fingers go up to rest against her lip, searching for something that isn't there any more. For a few moments she's silent, her expression darkening.]

If anyone has a little information about this place, that would be grand.

[Renee is silent again and glances over her shoulder to the view, expression still none too pleased.]

I need a—[the video cuts out before she finishes what she is saying.]
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[pinged by gotham uh oh]

Looks like you already have one friend here.
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Renee who, exactly?
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Ah. One of Gotham's finest.