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[just voice this morning, but it is an annoyed, angry voice, cityzens.]

WHY the FUCK do people keep sending me videos of CATS? I'm gettin' real fuckin' tired of it. Why the FUCK does anyone think I want this shit? Reality check: I hate cats! The next bullshit video of these fucking ugly animals wearing people clothes or some other stupid fucking thing I get I'm killing a cat, how 'bout that? You jokers think you're real funny, just wait. And when I find out who's responsible, I'm gonna strangle you with cat guts. So laugh it up now while you still can, you fuckin' losers.

[ooc: this has been happening to bullseye for two weeks now]
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[Here is just a very tired and bored looking blue cat-face for you, Bullseye.]

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Oh, they're all occurring quite independently of myself, actually. Though I ran an inventory last summer, and we had a formidable quantity.

Not all of them are still present, of course.
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[Hank raises his eyebrows while keeping his lids low.]

Well, if you'd really like to be my neighbor, I suppose I could put on my best Mr. Rogers act.
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Because an act of premeditated murder would only get you a cozy cell next to mine.

...I wonder what color sweater would best accentuate my fur. What am I saying, even acquiring such a sweater would be a little beyond my means at the moment.
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I'm only musing on how I could be properly attired for the welcoming party.
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It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be mine?

Could you be mine?
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Momentary indiscretion. Where was I?

It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood, a neighborly day for a beauty-- ♪ Oh, you get the idea!
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See what I have to deal with? No sense of humor whatsoever!
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Funny, I was just thinking that same exact thing.
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You seem to have missed that I put myself in this position. My incarceration was entirely of my own recognizance.
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Oh yes, remorse is certainly only present in the most uncivilized minds, isn't it?
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Obviously not, by the very nature of the lack! But it is a lack, not some deficiency on my part for daring to having a conscience.

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