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Ah, this workin'?

[ hopefully no one watching along is prone to get motion sick, as the camera is curiously turned around this way and that, before focusing on a worn face, marked with a prominent scar over the left eye ]

This is a bit embarrassin', but... [ he plucks a toothpick from the corner of his mouth -- don't ask where he got it ] Is there somewhere a fella can ask for directions?

[ the toothpick is pressed back in again, and he mutters around it ] Lost in my own city... ya moved it all 'round on me. [ he refers, of course, to New York, if the thick ol' accent don't give a clue, but it does fade a little when Jake is a little more composed -- which he sure ain't at the moment ]

Could call a cab on this thing, I suppose... [ then here's a grin flashed at the camera, albeit one that's self deprecating ] Ain't that a laugh?

[ which it won't be, since no one really knows who he is, just as no one had before. after all, the tags don't even have his name on him. they mark a dead man instead, and surely that will be what people call him. With that thought, the accent tones back a bit, and he's sounding more like the mercenary than the man of the street. ]

It'd be appreciated. [ asking for help isn't easy, and just a reminder of being alone again, so quickly after things had been repaired ]

[ he is half tempted to pick up all the signs and move them back where they belong. that may very well be his first action in this place... not vengeance, but vandalism. Petty, but it would make him feel better. Khonshu should be laughing at him for the idea alone, but the God has been suspiciously silent since Jake's arrival.

Strange how that isn't more comforting.
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[Hank pops in with the background of a padded room behind him, twirling a finger illustratively.]

Where you're directed will all depend on where you expect to go.
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Well, if you want anywhere, I think you've already arrived!

Though maybe somewhere that sells maps would better suit your needs.
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[Hank shrugs. He's in a mental institution right now, this is really the best advice he has.]

Well, that would explain certain native attitudes, you know how New York is about tourists!

But the sad fact of the matter is that while some of the streets are the same across certain universes, there are bound to be differences here from at least the majority of them! The landmarks most likely to maintain the same position throughout them all are... [Smirk.] ...tourist sights.
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It may not be an undertaking a native New Yorker like yourself has ever had to learn. Myself, well, it had been a long while since the last time I had experienced this illustrious metropolis with such new eyes.

Still, it's not unlike riding a bicycle. You'll get used to the City's rhythms quickly enough, no matter the change in beat.
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Oh, it's really no trouble! New arrival's must have some kind of welcoming committee to greet them warmly.

I'm Dr. Mccoy, by the way. And you?
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Nice to meet you too, Jake. ...Unless you'd prefer Mr. Lockley.

[The camera shakes a bit as Hank reorients himself on the other end of it.] That's where the irony in calling a cab would come from, I take it?
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[He titters a little, like he's got a joke of his own he doesn't want to ruin with the laugh.]

These days? The Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation.
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[Hank rubs the back of his neck, a little awkwardly.]

A momentary indiscretion. I'm at least a little crazy.
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Well, normality and sanity aren't qualities that are as implicitly entwined as we generally believe. One can maintain the first while lacking the second.

[He laughs to himself. Here he's talking about normality while being an upside-down blue lion man.] Of course, in some cases the definition of what's "normal" can be nebulous anyway.
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Well, I don't know about that. It isn't the kind of doctor I am, really.
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Biochemistry, specifically, with a specialty in genetic mutation. [Which, if anything, only strengthens that point.] Though I have been known to dabble in medicine, as well.
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Well, uh...something like that.

[But it's a long story and something else caught his attention.] You're familiar with Osborn?
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I'm familiar enough to be able to make the same suggestion, myself. [He's got a long story of his own, after all.] Sounds like you may originate from my own New York, or at least one well enough like it.
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