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Operational status in: 0.7 seconds.
Systems resuming function in 3.

Danger: Online.

[ in the background, there is the sound of gentle mechanical whirring and fizzling sparks. ]

My attempts to interface with the machine called Lachesis have been unsuccessful.


It's my understanding that I have been brought here to act in a heroic capacity and have little choice in the matter. Direct me to where my abilities are required, and I will assess the situation for myself.

[ a light beat. ]

Madison Jeffries: transmissions from your microchip implant indicate your presence in this universe. I am coming to your current location. Don't move.
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Now now, Danger, you know it's rude to attempt an interface with someone if they're not interested.
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A fair enough point, I suppose. Encountered any other difficulties with functionality since your arrival? Such things have been known to suffer fluctuations in this universe.
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Well, sounds like you got lucky, then. What do you know about the situation already?
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Well, the welcoming spiel would normally include some notes about monetary allowances and residential quarters, but I somehow doubt such amenities would be within your realm of concern.
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And how, then, do you expect you'll be using your time, now that you've arrived here?
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Well, it wouldn't really do to have you sit idle, now, would it? But you certainly have found ways to involve yourself rather quickly!