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five □ video.

[ it’s a beautiful day in the outskirts of the city. there’s also an eleven-foot tall red and silver robot standing in the view, which i guess could also be beautiful if you’re into that sort of thing.

it moves in mimicry of human motions, its voice both it and madison's in perfect synchronicity.

So, I was kinda feelin’ a sorta nostalgia of my old Alpha Flight heroin’ days, not that I’m not a hero in the X-Men or whatever but… you know. [ nearly a dozen guns smoothly click and pop out out of the bot in a near-organic motion. his voice swells a little with pride. ] Boxbot here can get out in the field in the way I can’t, is what I’m tryinta say. And I missed interfacin’ with it, so.

[ and at that, madison extends himself halfway out of boxbot’s torso, his body becoming an electrical shadow. as he gestures, streaks of static crackle in the air.]

But that’s the thing, ain’t it? Y’can’t just quit that stuff. It’s hard to imagine a hero, or do-gooder, or whatever, actually meanin’ it when they put down the suit and retire. Y’know? It pulls you back in, somehow. Makes you all antsy-like when things go wrong. Or not.

[ then, a little sadly: ] Nobody has a choice.
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I'm not sure that's necessarily true... You've done just as well off the field, haven't you?
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No one's met with more failure on that front than I have, but none of it was as a result from your contributions. In fact, I'd dare posit yours were some of the more successful undertakings to emerge from our collective.
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And I understand that feeling, really I do. But it's always the biggest problems that a spectacular bout can't solve.
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I think something like that would be good for both of us. Keeping busy and feeling like you're actually achieving something can be vital to the healthy continuation of one's lifestyle.

[He looks offscreen to his cell's window.] Of course, we'll have some delay to starting anything of the sort, at least on my end.