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021 // Video, 'round lunchtime

[Peter's sitting cross-legged in one of those swanky mesh office chairs, what looks like a scientific journal propped open on one knee and a mechanical pencil held loosely in one hand. Judging from the camera perspective he's propped up his communicator on one side of his desk, but it's hard to see where he found the space. The rest of the visible surface is covered in the detritus of research: a half-open laptop; scattered print-outs; coffee mugs both paper and ceramic; graph paper notebooks open to half-completed diagrams of molecules and circuits both; a haphazard stack of journals with arcane names like PNAS, Biopolymers, Advanced Materials and the like. A couple of empty sushi cartons are balanced on top of the stack, chopsticks and a crumpled napkin tucked inside.]

I've been buried in research lately, and it just occurred to me that other than Carol's book I haven't read anything that's not in a cover like this-- [he picks up the journal off his lap and flaps it to demonstrate; it appears to be an issue of Physical Review Letters, whatever that is]-- in, what, six months?

I think I could use some help breaking out of my rut. What kinds of things do you read for pleasure, Network? Any recommendations? For those of you who are big readers, anyway-- I know not everyone is. [Though he clearly doesn't get why not.]
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[Hank's in the rec room, lounging on the couch with a stack of books beside him.]

Oh, you'd be surprised at the selection they have here!
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Well, in my case the leaving of the books tends to be limited to this room, really, as my eyes can be bigger than my appetite while in it. But yes, after nearly two months I'd say I'm getting rather close.
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They run it all through heavy duty scanners upon entry. I hope you don't mind a little radiation.

Can't say I'd mind a bit of Vonnegut.
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They have an impressive collection, but I could really do with some lighter fare.
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Absolutely! Send it on by, they don't tend to stock him here.
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Too optimistic, too light-hearted, too humorous. Not nearly dry enough for NOHoPE.

Most of what they have is either non-fiction, high literature, or airport fiction. Pratchett occupies a comfortable space between those last two.
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Smuggle it under your coat, just make sure no one sees it!
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At ease, soldier, remember this mission is undercover! If discovered, any knowledge of your agenda will be disavowed.
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[He salutes back, stiffly.]

You do your country proud, son!
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oops gutterball

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[He laughs.] Oh lord, can you imagine the lecture we'd be getting right now?
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We wouldn't even need to imagine the crying eagles. They would be burned upon our minds under his steely, disappointed glare.
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Plural, as in their secondhand embarrassment and guilt from this ignominious display, the French would actually provide us with a second.

Perhaps even modernize it with the Skrull face to match.
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They do, as a matter of fact!

Doves, on the other hand, do not cry.

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