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007 ➵ voice

( it’s about three am and there’s a good deal of ambient noise in the background of the feed: the flick of a light switch, a refrigerator door opening and then being slammed shut, the soft pat-pat-pat of steps against cold tile. another shuffle, a sigh, and then finally: )

Say you got to go home for a day, no strings attached. What would you do?

And don’t give me any of that you won’t remember or you wouldn’t know it was just a day crap. That’s not the point.
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voice ][

[personal profile] dazzlingyou 2012-06-22 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
Spend as much time as possible with my family before I return here. Or perhaps ... I'm told that, in my lifetime, I meet the love of my life in a little town in Washington. Perhaps I'd go there to find her. Even if it were just for a day.

[ He's such a romantic lmao ]
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Indeed. And perhaps, if I get lucky, I shall stay for more than just a day.

And you? What would you do?
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Do you not like your home?
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Then why would you not have a good idea for what you would do if you had a day back there?
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I do. When you go back "for good", as it's put here, will you do all of those things? Or will you take it for granted, as some do?
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There's always time to end bad habits. They die hard, but they do die.
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And you are okay with your decision, truly?
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Nothing good lasts forever.
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I supposed it is difficult to argue with that. [ his tone is decidedly neutral ]
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And neither of us would emerge as the victor.
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You are, are you?