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nineteen ✴ video

[ the feed turns on and it's a view of the city from way up high. ]

There's nothing quite like a trip home to help you sort out your priorities. [ a beat. ] And there's really nothing like spending time on an alien world to make you miss the sights, sounds, and smells of the big city. As much as I love the stars, there really is no place like the home planet. Even if this one isn't quite the one I was eager to get back to.

[ there's another longer pause. ]

Is it just me, or does the Porter pick... interesting times to pull people from?
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Oh, I don't know. Mine have tended to be rather quiet, personally.
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I can see how your history with the Kree might call for an intervention with that!
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Would you mind my asking why they were?
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The Phoenix.

[He looks...speechless and uncomfortable. Touchy subject.] Well, I suppose there was some talk of it returning eventually, once the Cuckoos were parted from it.
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And just as they were starting to look up, too... I've been uneasy about this business with Hope since she first arrived under the X-Men's care, and having the Phoenix show up in the middle of that can only exacerbate it.
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So, we were split up? Not a bad plan, I suppose. Who was with you there?
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Glad to know we were both being productive, I suppose.

[And he picks up that uncertain note, but guesses it to be something completely different.] ...We lost someone, didn't we.
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Well, I can't help getting the impression that something happened. Are you doing alright?
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[Oh, Carol. He lets that ruminate for a few seconds, then devises a solution.]

Do me a favor and look down. Tell me where I should be right now.
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Keep a good hover going. I'll be there as soon as I can.

[And he even uses the X-Jet so she doesn't have to wait so long! Only about a five minute flight...and another two to find a parking space.]
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[He hops out of the side hatch and stretches out his arms, gesturing her closer with his hands.]

Come along now, I'll need a better greeting than that!
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[He gives her a healthy squeeze.]

Oh, you should know this is the proper protocol by now.

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