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•93• [VOICE]

Hey. Hi.

So. Hey. If I wind up being able to count the places I'm banned from on two hands or more? Things are kind of getting out of it.

Hand, I mean. Whatever. [hh.] This is going to be a huge friggin mess in less than three seconds. "Corporal signature scans?" Can I just say, as a dude who's all up in the business of energy signatures and scans, that that's extremely shady? In the whole gee I wonder who's funding THAT coughvulcansucough kind of way?


This is going to suck and everyone knows it. There is no way this isn't going to suck.


I'm worried this is going to wind up causing more craters. We don't need this kind of stuff anymore. We really don't. General-we. As in, everyone ever.

[another beat.]

Well. Superheroing's not really something you retire from, anyhow, I guess. I won't be sitting back when the stuff hits the fan. More stuff, anyway. The fan's pretty much screwed as it is.

Let's just try to notice any future abductions pretty quick this time around, yeah? [another huff. muttered:] "Corporal signature scans," good God.
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Part of the difficulty in recognizing abductions is differentiating them from exPortations. We'll need to note all the recent absences as possibilities, and it's unfortunately a formidable list.
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If someone doesn't attempt to cross into the closed countries out of spite, I think I'd be quite shocked! An international incident, at least beyond the one we already have, is precisely what we really need at the moment.
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No, no, it's alright. The fact that you're currently experiencing distress at the news is a sign that you're still sane.

But it's a very complicated situation. You've already detailed the difficulties in preventing its escalation, but the other side of the coin is what method would best defuse it? I mean, how feasibly could we send some kind of diplomatic entourage in to try to hash matters out with the world leaders who have reached these conclusions?

Could we get anyone to listen? Maybe I haven't been focusing enough on the political sphere lately.
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And I suppose two months in a mental institution wouldn't be a shining mark on my own record, either. It's a marvel how people like Osborn can continue beyond the black stretches across their records, but should you or I dare act in an official capacity, we're met with such heavier scrutiny!

One is almost left tempted to borrow a page from their playbook on that, but public relations has never been my strongest suit.