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♘ 001 [voice]

[ Good morning City! The voice feed comes on to the sound of a someone muttering to themselves mutinously, apparently not hip enough with technology to realize it's already on until a few beats (and some more cursing) later. ]

Sh-- uh. Hey, is this thing working? [ Yeah, he doesn't sound too sure about that. Not that it keeps him from going on: ] All right, so. The whole 'hey you're stuck in future fake New York and by the way you're a hero now' thing? No offense, but it sounds like it came out of a bad comic book. [ He pauses, grimacing, as his frustration bleeds through his voice a little too sharply. ] A really bad comic book.

Noticed there wasn't anything in the info pamphlets about going home, so I'm gonna go ahead and guess that's not an option. [ He huffs, but his next words are quieter, and he hasn't caught up to speed with the network or taken a good look around the place yet, or he'd have his answer already. ]

Boss, if you're out there-- now would be a really great time to let me know.

[ He clears his throat. ] Anyway -- ah, what the hell. Anyone know where I can get some food? 'Cause if I'm gonna be dealing with this shit, I'm not doing it on an empty stomach. I usually wouldn't ask, but I don't recognize any of the places around here, so... Let me know what's good.
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[So, there's a blue lion guy onscreen. Enjoy that.]

I don't know about comic books, but personally, I think it would have made a rather interesting prime time television series. Might need some work done to the pacing, of course. Fat to be trimmed.

One of these days someone should probably augment the introductory pamphlets with good eateries surrounding the area of the Porter building and the MAC. What type of bite are you after?
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Well, even with another name, this is New York. You can throw a stone without hitting five different places! Strokos on 10th Avenue is good for sandwiches, but their pizza is divine.
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[Hank rocks his head back and forth with a thoughtful smile.]

Something like that. As an Avenger, I do participate in the superpowered antics which may arise from time to time, but I feel my contributions are more often productive when made through science or diplomacy.

And you?
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Well, to each their own, of course. And what do you do, Mister...?
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Dr. Henry McCoy. Genetic biologist, physician, and schoolteacher.

...And part-time superhero, I suppose. More so at home than locally.
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I'm a better scientist than I am a vigilante. I'm no street fighter, I act in that capacity as I'm needed.

As for secret identities, well, I own a mirror. It would be naive of me to expect anyone wouldn't recognize Doc McCoy as the Beast!
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[Hank smirks and straightens his tie. If he's bothered, he's at least taking it with a good sense of humor.]

Hey, I was seventeen when I came up with it, and there weren't many templates to work from back then! No one thinks up a good superhero name when they're seventeen.
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These ones, yes. Though that's what has always set mutants apart, that our abilities occur naturally. I was a bit of an early bloomer, but they generally awaken in most people by the time puberty hits.

You probably haven't had time to discover your own, I imagine.
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Better odds it's either something you haven't stumbled across yet, or something passive enough that you won't recognize it until you see the difference without it.

Both are fairly common, actually.
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The Xavier Institute was first formed to help mutant development, so yes, you could say that. Our branch in the City has adapted to fill the same role for imPorts.
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Well, we can try. There are a few tests it's possible to run, but stumbling across just the right coincidence can be difficult.
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There are a few basic tests that can be run. I'm not in the country at the moment, but there will certainly be others present who will be happy to help!

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