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025 // Video, Peter Parker's comm; backdated to this morning

So, this is magic, right? 'Cause I'm pretty sure if I'd reverted back to my younger self for the second time I wouldn't still have my-- my memories. And if it were some kind of deaging ray I wouldn't be back in my good ol' school outfit again. [Thirteen-year-old Peter is dressed in a fetching sweater vest-and-tie ensemble, and from the way he keeps plucking at Aunt May's finest efforts in knitting, he's not too happy about it.]

I mean, I might -- I might be missing something. I'm not thinking too clearly right now -- not sure if it's the hormones, the side effects of whatever it was, or that thirty-year-old me really, really needs to cut down on the caffeine... [Beat.] And stop talking about himself in the third person.

[He tugs at the vest again and adds, mostly to himself:] At least I don't need the glasses any more.
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Whatever the catalyst of this current imbroglio, the circumstances have proven inconsistent. Kurt hardly recognizes me, for one.

I look like I should be registering for my eventual entrance into undergraduate classes, if I hadn't already worked through most of them by this age. Imagine what the students will say!
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And, more than that, we both seem to be much older as well. I think this sustained awareness would be a little more perplexing to conduct at a younger physical age, an untrained tongue attempting to communicate the depths of intellect in one's possession.

As for Kurt, well, I told him what I could, but he only barely remembers his English, much less anything else. Seeing him so timid is a massive disparity to experience!
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That must be an interesting experience for her. And anyone she interacts with.

But yes, it some kind of discrepancy we'll need to work through. I think Angelica's going to the extreme of cancelling classes! I'll need to find something to fill that void, for him and everyone here.
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So it would appear! And we will need to meet the task with every enthusiasm it requires!
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Traumatizing experience for a young child, it's nothing to be approached lightly!

I'm renting a bounce house.