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[For someone so young, the tween-to-early-teens girl on the communicator still manages to pull off "angry" pretty well.]

This is definitely not my uncle's home in Gotham.

I don't know what's going on, but I can tell you right now that there's little point in kidnapping me. He's not going to give you whatever you want, so you might as well just let me leave.

It'll be better for everyone.
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No more an abduction than it was at your original arrival, I'm afraid. There's no ransom, and given the present circumstances, I would be inclined to expect you arrived well before this morning.

It's complicated, I'm afraid.
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Now that is a very good question! A good question here defined as one that I do not have a ready answer prepared for, nor the data available to discern one.

I have, however, noticed certain inconsistencies on this particular point. I'm younger than I was yesterday, but I still recall the circumstances being discussed. A friend of mine, on the other hand, it was not the same case for.

Now, I do know the simplest way of eliminating whether you are a new arrival or currently under the effects of whatever phenomenon caused this is to ask where you found yourself when you became aware of the change in your surroundings.
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[Eventually, if you just say enough, everyone assumes you know what you're talking about. Luckily, sometimes you might.]

Then that would indicate that being the very same case as I am in. If you wer a new arrival, you would find yourself in Lachesis' housing at the native Stark Tower, as opposed to the Stark Tower established by Tony Stark himself. Of course, one doesn't simply awaken with a shave to the extreme that I have without noticing! ...Usually.

As for it not being a thing that happens, this is the second such incident I've experienced here in the City, though the last time I was in much the same state of disorientation as you are now. Though I was much younger, as well.
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[His tone turns a little condescending.]

Well, for one, it is probably not a permanent alteration. The second is a lack of control over the change, no scientific understanding of the cause or a way to direct its targets. You hadn't had this done of your own recognizance, I'm assuming, as I'm pretty sure I hadn't! This is something entirely different.
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[He is a teenage smartypants, it is his job to condescend.]

What do we do? We wait it out! Sure, we could potentially locate the source, but for all we know it could be Lachesis, and if that's the case, it will be impossible to sway her until her whims should decree it so.

This time seems to be rather different, anyway. I have yet to see a native Cityzen affected, and the fact that it has also worked in the reverse direction is certainly interesting!