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So, Thanksgiving was an interesting experience. Watching the coverage on telly and going outside really hammered the point home that Christmas is just around the corner here. I cannot believe it's been a whole month since I got here.

I think I should start looking for another place to live. Not that this flat is bad or anything. It's actually pretty decent compared to the other places I've lived, but it's about time to move on.

Of course I'm going to need a job before I do anything. It's why I posted this entry actually: does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking? Just so I can avoid places that might slam the door in my face.
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I lived in the MAC a good seven months before moving out, but I agree they aren't really serviceable for longterm living. The kitchens are too dreadfully small!

Now, as to the subject of employment, well, that would really depend on your qualifications. What sort of work are you most accustomed to?
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[It's a frequent problem you encounter when you're a big furry blue lion. You get used to the initial surprise eventually.]

I see. Is there a particular field you specialize in, Mister [He takes a glance at the communicator's registered name. Oh. Well, that's interesting.] ...Watson?
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[He's certainly not Nigel Bruce, either.] Ah, a fellow doctor! Wonderful.

Tell me, have you ever considered working for a school?
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You can never tell when we might need a medic! Especially if Scatty doesn't lay off the tigers.

[Okay so they haven't actually suffered that many injuries due to Danger Room simulations, but he doesn't have much else to offer.]
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Not real tigers, of course! [He's very quick to make this point.] They're just holographic projections. The terror, on the other hand, well...

Let's just say that we have frequently discouraged the use of tigers in our curriculum this semester.
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Not if I'm allowed any input, no. I'd prefer to be the only large feline on campus, as you'd never see me pouncing on a student.

But that's just me. What about you? Encountering any particularly nice prospects yet?
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Well, we usually have some options worth offering to a qualified applicant. Some much better than an underpaid school nurse.
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General we, of course. The imPort community rather than just the Institute.

There's a clinic I volunteer my services at as well, but I think there are other staffers who actually draw some kind of a paycheck from it.
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I think Rossum might have owned the clinic at one point, but the thing has changed hands so many times it can be hard to tell who owns it now!

But it's the imPort clinic I'm talking about.