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fourteen; text

there are penguins running around randomly in central park, i hope nobody's still missing or animal transformed

also i think i'm running out of terrible old movies to watch does anyone have terrible tv shows to recommend? the more trainwrecky the better

oh yeah sorry does anyone know how to switch your mailing address to a post office box? the postal service is totally different here than it was at home and i don't want to wait on hold forever to get help if i don't need to
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We'll need some guidelines if you want a proper recommendation. Which terrible movies have you been through already, and how old?

I might have a few I could point you toward, but I can promise the quality will be low enough to meet your standards.
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If you can track down a copy of Orson Welles' The Stranger, grab on to it and never let go. Edward G. Robinson's role as the war crimes commissioner is particularly worth of note, but it's a generally tense and thrilling piece in the style of film noir. Definitely worth your time.
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Oh, as I have ever been, classically predisposed to cheeriness and scientific study. We all of us have our ways of keeping busy, and I wouldn't put some kind of breakthrough past us in the coming weeks.
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Oh, just genetic blah blah blah. The kind of thing that doesn't interest a lot of people.

Besides, can't be counting chickens just yet, we've hardly even brought the rooster by!
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Well, we're working to map the imPort genome. Which is to say that we're exploring common elements in imPort genetics.

Back home, mutants were a very diverse group, especially when we had the numbers to be considered an evolutionary spearhead, but at heart there was one thing that we all had in common. One gene that triggered our mutations.

Given that Lachesis seems to biologically alter at least some of us on arrival, what we're looking for is whether there isn't a similar connection.
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Madison and Danger were collecting the samples last month. Our main focus was with individuals who didn't have their powers prior to arrival, but forced humanizations have certainly been an interesting case!

I think we have at least one robot car, but collecting samples from humanized aliens hasn't been quite as simple. They're not as common as they used to be, and one of the few volunteers we did manage turned into an alien the moment the needle pierced skin! Nonetheless, we're making the best progress that we can.
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Mapping can be slow work, but it's proceeding as well as planned. We haven't struck gold yet, but I'm expecting it should be just around the corner.