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three ✴ voice

Why is it that realizations often happen when you're doing something completely unrelated? One moment you're doing laundry, and the next you have an epiphany that bowls you over.

[ for those with keen ears, there's a constant rustle of soft fabric in the background. carol is, in fact, folding her laundry. ]

And it's even more strange if you happen to drop whatever you were about to put in the dryer and it ends up landing in the trash can. Suddenly you're torn between annoyance and whatever emotions that realization may have evoked in you.

[ a beat. ]

Here's a second, slightly related question. Has anyone figured out why creative inspiration tends to hit hard in the shower of all places? And if they haven't, has anyone invented a waterproof notebook and pens for writing down notes when that does happen? It would make my life a hell of a lot easier.
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Could be an inherent quality of the harmonics in the construction, the sound of running water interacting with them to produce the psychosomatic effect of placing your mind in just the right place to think at its best. I wonder if the effect could be simulated elsewhere.

What was the epiphany?
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Well, it would take rigorous testing to ensure that we've created the perfect environment with repeatable results first. It may take a while.

But I get what you mean! It can be pretty quiet here, despite the times it isn't. Relaxation is fine in a proper dosage, but too much can make one feel uneasy.
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I'll let you know if I get any kind of control experiment going.

It's always a question, isn't it? What do we do when the world doesn't need us? We don't have a Savage Land around here for a casual jungle expedition, our options are limited.
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Mm, I found that odd as well. An entirely different universe, and yet the similarities end outside our solar system? It makes something so infinite feel...smaller, somehow.