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one. ✩ (video)

[ the video turns on and it's late evening in Central Park. there's a strange, huge green woman dressed in this spandex number with her wild hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. she has ridiculous amount of Valentine Day's heart boxes stacked next to her. you know, these things and is currently munching on a chocolate, grinning. ]

Okay, so we all have your opinions on the big V-Day. You either love it or you hate it or you just don't care and are tired of those couples canoodling.

But, let's face it. The best thing about Valentine's Day is when it's over and you get to spoil yourself like no lover could. One word: Clearance.

[ she waves her little heart box around as a demonstration and grins, popping another chocolate in her mouth. ]

No man could ever make me feel as good as a chocolate lemon souffle.

[ click ]
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Thanks for the reminder, I'll have to be sure to stock up while the stock's up.

So, back again, hmm?
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You know me, Granny Green, she'll never let me go for long. Could be she just likes us all that much.

Or maybe she's just fond of keeping us under her thumb.
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Don't tell me you're robophobic!
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In my time, I've dealt with robots who I'd call good friends, adequate colleagues, and terrifying enemies. It's hard to really determine from just the one characteristic.
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You could say it about anyone. That was my point.

But I'll agree, the...that is certainly a quality more worthy of being wary of.
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Well, this has been going on for how many years? I've been through more than two now, myself, and I was hardly among the first wave. Four, maybe five?

She's not really open to being understood.
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Some people are just too stubborn, unfortunately. Can't be worked with, can't be worked around.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the old holding pattern still holds true.
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Hard to say really what to expect in a situation like this. Makes us far too reactive for comfort.
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Oh, the usual. Teaching, handling Avengers business, getting by.

[Slowly watching X-Club crumble, feeling morose.]