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[There's a faint sound of papers shuffling, items being placed into boxes, and general office shuffle going on in the background as a distinctly British accented voice starts speaking.]

Spring cleaning takes on a different meaning when the future's flexible, doesn't it? The save or toss it debate's complicated when you don't know whether you'll be here tomorrow. Then there's the filing system for what's kept. That leaves a story behind, too. A little personal Pompeii, preserved for whoever comes poking around once you've gone.

[She exhales softly, a chair creaking now as she falls back into it.]

Makes me wonder what kind of impression I'd leave behind if I popped out of this reality today. It's almost enough reason to tidy my flat up a bit more often.

[ENCRYPTED TO AVENGERS (who worked with Max Lord). Using whatever encryptions Max left for the job.

This part switches to VIDEO. She's seated at Max's desk in his office.]

Considering the erratic nature of this new work environment, I gave it a little time. But this is official notification that Mr. Maxwell Lord is missing due to porter-related removal. If we haven't met, I'm Ms. Moneypenny.

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video; same encryption

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That answers one question I've pondered recently. Either way, I imagine you're familiar with us already, Ms. Moneypenny, but proper introductions shouldn't be neglected because of that. Dr. Henry McCoy, reporting in.

Now, how much should we read in to the fact that you seem quite at home behind his desk?
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But it being a transition is inevitable, I think most of us can agree to that. I think it's simply a matter of what we'll be transitioning to. I take it you've already begun reviewing Max's affairs?
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Difficult to say, I think you know what was on his docket better than most of us do, at this point. But I was thinking, if it doesn't look like something that can be settled quickly, maybe it would be better if the position weren't dissolved.
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Seems fair enough, given that half of ours couldn't manage their way around the paperwork. I'm not opposed to you staying on.

Should you do so, it might be best that you begin by telling us about yourself.
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Well, I don't know that we do know the company you keep, actually. You think this conversation may be compromised?
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Possibility is one thing, I was asking about likelihood.
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So, there's a specific threat you have in mind? I imagine that's something it would be worth briefing us on.

...In person, of course.
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I'll look forward to it, then. When would be the best time for you?
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Better it's taken care of sooner than later, then. I can meet you this afternoon.