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[filtered to Danger and Hank McCoy]

I would like to know if Timcampy is still with one or both of you or at least still around the labs somewhere. He should be informed that Mister Marian is fine.

I will also be stopping by his lab soon enough, and I would not like company when I do.
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I already know. Is there something we can help you with, Mr. Silva?
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Nonetheless, if it's anything important, I would appreciate being kept in the loop.
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That answers surprisingly little. This is something he put you up to?
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What did it involve, exactly? [And what can he use from it to glean Cross' location, mostly.]
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I'm afraid I really must insist. You see, the man's a friend of mine, and his running off to leave everything in our laps isn't something I'll happily take sitting down.

If you know anything about his whereabouts, I need to know as well.
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But you aren't going to do me the courtesy of saying what that object is, are you?

[Cross may have been insistent on telling Hank not to find him, but on some level, one he worries may be slightly childish, that only motivates him to look all the harder.]
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I would far prefer knowing than not. I would especially be interested in how you intend to hand it off to him.
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If he wanted it kept safe, I could have done that. We don't exactly take our security in the lab lightly, as I'm sure you'll have noticed in your request to be admitted.
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What makes the book special? If it's that important...some magical artifact would be more likely than sentiment.
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Is that what Cross had planned for it?
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Yes, but what I mean is that there must be some reason he's having you retrieve it rather than bringing it to our attention.
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But he didn't. He was avoidant when I finally established contact with him.

Needless to say, you have me at a disadvantage here.
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Let me be honest with you, Mr. Silva. I think he needs our help, but he's the type to be reluctant to accept it. Circumstances prevent me from describing him as "stubborn like a child" with the fondness I usually would, but it is no less true.

If I were to attempt to track him down, how amenable would you be toward assisting?
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