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(accidental video ; STRAIGHT FROM NEPAL.)

(timestamp is 2AM in the middle of some underground club; there are people cheering in various dialects, and there's a guy on the floor bleeding. there's a kid holding onto cross' shirt, he must have hit a button on his communicator (cross is still a busybody).

it's not that hard to miss cross, he still has that bright red hair that's up in a ponytail that's actually showing off a bunch of strange tattoos and stranger scars all over his body. his back is always to the kid, as if he's trying to hide this side of himself from another call for challengers, and a huge farmer steps up.





the young girl drops cross' coat to start cheering for him and the feed ends.
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[Nepalese he recognizes, though he's not exactly fluent. He does know a few phrases.]

<You there, girl! What town is this?>
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[Squints, still types in Nepalese.]

Notably slow response.
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What time was it when you posted? [In English:] Thou shalt not bear false witness.
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With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

It's funny to think that James began that by disclaiming humanity's inability to change the very thing he went on to chide them for. The implication, I believe, is that it is by the Lord's assistance that we are to overcome the issue.

So, how long until you're up for a title belt?
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You aren't, but you did quote him. Someone as deep as you should know that context means everything. You can speak of your poisoned tongue, but there was a larger message there.

Do you think God has forsaken you? Is that why you let these ruffians challenge you, putting yourself through Heaven knows how many beatings? Or maybe it's just the frustration. You're looking for a punching bag.
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Who said a word about convincing? I'm trying to talk to you. [AKA my comm is plugged into a machine that is trying to trace your signal.] I'm trying to make some sense out of this turn you've taken, but it isn't easy when you shut yourself off like this.
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Actually, so do I! You've given me nothing to work from with this, Cross. You've just stubbornly settled yourself into shutting everyone out with no reason whatsoever. I intend to get my answers one way or the other.
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You state a lot of things, sometimes those things are secret, often they aren't true. I think I'm owed a little more than this.
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Because you think you're a danger to everyone.
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If I've made a mistake, then why not trying to correct it? Else I'll be forced to find the information myself.