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You know how the papers sometimes think they’re being clever and call us “Cityzens”? (Do any of us call ourselves that? If you do, stop, it’s not cute.) It’s weird. Since we’re not actually citizens. I was looking into documents and stuff—marriage licenses, it’s complicated, don’t bother with it if you can get away with it—and you can’t just put that you were born in whatever county in whatever state. Since technically, that’s not the truth, while you’re here.

Weird, isn’t it? Like that part of our lives didn’t happen, since we can’t prove it. You would think being alive would prove that you were born, right? Apparently not. I’ll never understand government stuff. Or paperwork. Especially not paperwork.

You can’t control a lot of what goes on, here. Guess that’s why we all go for human punching bags. It helps.
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Well, I think it's cute. But I also think it applies more to the natives than to us.

Have you spoken with anyone else who's been married during their stay here? I know there have been others that have talked about it, but as for matrimonially recognized couples, I know Pietro is just itching to help with your wedding.
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Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and no one feels more strongly about what that would constitute in this context than he.
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The reason, I think, is that he doesn't really trust you to have them yourself. "Years of experience" have been cited!
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Ah, but you're among friends who know it's coming now. Do you really expect that we'll let you get away with that?
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Clint, if this is going to happen, then there's no way we aren't going to let you not suffer our involvement. You know you love us enough for that, so let us love you in a like manner.
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Oh, chin up. You're being overdramatic! We'll make sure it's just as much fun for Bobbi and you as it is for the rest of us.
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I hope you plan to dramatically emerge from one of them. I would bake the cake myself if you burst forth in a display of masculine might either in the middle of the reception or, even better, during the ceremony itself! Bobbi's can come down the aisle to find you not there, and just before everyone starts to entertain the idea that you'd gotten cold feet, BOOM! There you are.

Though, full disclosure, I have to admit I'll be delighted to bake the cakes either way.
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Clint, no one said a word about you taking off your clothes. I was imagining you in your tuxedo, actually. Perhaps some sort of mess-resistant poncho over it. Either transparent or in purple, I think.

But the offer is perfectly serious, and you can bet I'll have samples prepared for the two of you to choose from!

However, word to the wise, get her the earrings anyway.
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Without the poncho, your tuxedo will be covered in cake. You can tear it off as soon as you're out. Or you could do a little dance as you ease it over your head suggestively.

And you know what's a thousand times better than either cake or earrings? Both!
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That's my job, Clint. I provide sense where sense holds no quarter.
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I see your double-negative and raise you a positive. Yes, Clint, that doesn't not make sense.

Am I planting flowers in the desert? Perhaps. But maybe I've also adapted those flowers to the environment. Maybe they'll sprout full bloom in due time.

And you're hardly a mental Mojave, anyway.
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It makes up for the lack of pinkies.

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