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[The video clicks on to Connors smiling slightly.]

I've been busy lately, and I'm proud to actually have something to show as the fruits of my labor.

[Reaching over to the camera, he picks it up and moves it over to look on a rat. It's walking around a cage in that sort of way rats do. Of note is that it has three normal rat legs and one slightly atrophied looking rat leg. The rat is hobbling slightly, not really putting that much weight on the weaker rat leg. Thankfully, it does not have scales. After a moment, Connors picks the camera back up and sets it on a ledge, so he's in frame.]

As you can see, the serum still needs work, but I'm proud with what we have so far. Little Delta in there is the luckiest out of our first test batch. She managed to regrow a limb-however, it's essentially withered. While she has the limb, it's not much use. Her muscles are weakened and she can barely put weight on it. Still, it's a full regeneration, which is astounding. [He adjusts his glasses and continues to talk.]

The reason why results are...probably not what some of you were expecting, is that I'm taking baby steps when it comes to cross-species genetics. I'm trying to work up from the bare minimum. Once we manage to make a successful trial run on the rats, we'll move up to larger animals, such as rabbits, and then possibly primates. [His face gets a bit darker and a bit more serious here.] I expect that it will at least be months before any human trials, possibly longer. And even then, the trials will be under carefully monitored conditions. I feel that there's no such thing as going too slow with a project like this.

[Connors smiles slightly, fully aware that he tl;dred with the best of them.]

Ah, and one final note! As a reassurance to some of you, [aka Nill and Peter] I'm hoping to have the final draft of the formula be entirely synthetic. That should hopefully provide more of a caution against...unwanted side effects. [He chuckles slightly, smiling wider at the camera.] So yes-that's why I've been a bit of a hermit lately. I promise though, that I'll actually get some sunlight in the next few days.
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So, are these the results from the synthesized formula, or has that one not made it past the whiteboard yet?

Still, it seems you're making progress, albeit slow. [And maybe it's not only in the science, either.]
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Fair enough. At this point, I suppose it's more finding a workable medium between the old formula and this one. None of us can really blame you for your caution.
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Oh, you know how it is. Making my best efforts through whatever the City throws my way. Slowly running out of colleagues.
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Well, I'm always glad to have the opportunity, but I'd hate to tear you away from such important work!

[This is the statement of a dude who knows about shutting himself up in the lab for days at a time.]
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[He looks at his hand thoughtfully, wiggling his fingers.] Sometimes as literally as possible. Yes, good point.

Well, why not, then. I've told you about X-Club before, haven't I? Our little scientific collective of imPorts for imPorts?
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At home, X-Club was a group of some of the best in mutant science that I gathered for the express purpose of solving the problem of our impending extinction, a topic I'd devoted quite a bit of energy to already, with little success. As time progressed, the scope expanded to a general brain trust to solve whatever issue we encountered, to think our way to the best solutions. Madison Jeffries and Danger were both part of it, in addition to a couple of our other colleagues. James Bradley was one of them, but I'm not sure you would have had the opportunity to meet him while he was here.

We reformed here with their arrival, but the situation meant our mission would need to evolve. Mutantkind isn't on the line, we hardly have the presence to be more than a footnote on our own. Instead, it's the state of imPorts that's become our primary concern, and because of that, I've wanted to bring others from within that community onboard.

Given our thinning numbers recently, an expansion would be important, if we hope to continue the group at all.
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Well, an expansion not only beyond the definition we've already fallen, spreading out to take in more imPorts outside our own world and mutant circles as we start to focus on imPorts as a whole rather than just the ones we know, but also a recruitment that serves as the reactive action to our current constriction.
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[He knows that feel, bro.]

Honestly, I mostly brought it up as a sort of roundabout way of inviting you to do just that. Come see me at he Institute, I can give you the full pitch.
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Whenever's best for you! Consider our doors open, whenever you should like to pass through them.
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Excellent! I'll look forward to it.