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49th Memo- Message from the D.O.I. [Voice]

Callie Maggotbone here, giving you a friendly little update on the matter of things.

The D.O.I. City Handbook is under construction. Since Jack Bauer's release, he has been updating information as it has been coming. If there is additional information of features you, our population, would find useful, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have completed arranging affordable, secured housing for natives that lose their homes due to... various shenanigans. This housing is also available to anyone who doesn't care to stay at the MAC, for whatever reason.

[Private Encryption to current D.O.I. Skrull Plot participants- M'gann, Laura Kinney, Romanov, Hank McCoy, Wild Tiger, Khashoggi, Rin, Bobbi Morse... more to come...]
To our other special supporters... we will have a secure meeting at the D.O.I. conference room this Thursday afternoon at 6. Don't be late.

[ In reference to This sign up, Jack, Callie, and Julian contacted various people via their preferred mode of contact. We can hand wave this interaction, but in a nut shell, assume a conversation about Vulcanus and Skrull activity has happened.]
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voice; encrypted

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Any hint at what will be discussed, or would this not be secure enough?
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voice; encrypted

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Would that even extend to the meeting's nature?
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Not as such. I would just generally like to know what a meeting's about when I'm called to it. You know how cruel curiosity can be to us cats.
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[There's a pause as the idea rolls around in his head, the weight of it settling itself in.]

That certainly sets the parameters of the game. You can expect my attendance, then.