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fourteen swords seek the light.

[ text, locked to the following: Mordin Solus, Curt Connors, Tony Stark, Hank McCoy, Peter Parker. ]

It'd be polite of me to introduce myself, since I think only one of you knows me, but I don't really care. All of you are involved with science or technology, so you'll be useful. That's all that matters.

This is about Vulcanus. Is that enough to get your attention? If not, I don't think I need to bother with you after all.

Incidentally, if this isn't addressed to you but you're clever enough with hacking to read it anyway, you'd be useful as well.


[ video ]

[ Archer's in his apartment, finishing up attending to some household tasks. He's just traded in a dusting rag for his communicator. ]

What's the most useless power you've seen the 'Porter bestow on someone?

I've recently learned of a truly pathetic one, so I'm curious.

[ OOC: The filtered content is in reference to this plot. Archer is making good on his plans to start hunting Vulcanus through the power of research. ]
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text; same encryption

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[He does the courtesy of checking the rest of the filter before responding. If they're all going to be in it together, they might as well save Archer the trouble of explaining it six or seven times.]

Consider my attention gotten. It's an interesting angle, certainly. They couldn't be exclusively working with undiscovered child prodigies and unknowns, after all.
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text; same encryption

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If there was a way to bait them into approaching us, that might make it all go that much quicker. Of course, they aren't likely to follow a trail if they think there will be imPorts at the end of it, either.
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If we knew precisely what they're after, aside from our defeat and irrelevance, I daresay we might be a great deal further along in our efforts to thwart it.
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In their more legitimate days, they styled themselves as something Promethean. Stealing fire from the perceived imPort gods to spread it among the rest of humanity. After the Metamen collapsed, they tried to discredit us as a threat against the world, only to be seen as one greater through their efforts to stamp us out, mindless of the casualties.

If I were to speculate, I would imagine one of those motives might be involved, unless some underlying ulterior motive has yet to be revealed.
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Whatever their definition of perfection may be, I think a lack of pleasantness, especially to those like us, can be taken for granted.
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That's because there will always be some "imperfect" element that needs to be done away with. And that element usually consists of people.
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Sounds like more of the same, honestly. It was only a matter of time before it bled into this world as well.
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Which leaves one very unsettling thought. What if they were to reach the worlds we're native to?
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Until now, we were able to believe our own worlds could remain intact while we were stranded here. Vulcanus now presents a threat to the Multiverse as a whole.

This is more than merely personal, this is everything.
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sorry for pseudoscience

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I've been working on a theory that the multiverse may exist in clusters, almost like families that relate to each other more closely than they do the rest. I'm still drafting it, but it essentially works on the lack of overlap between the many universes represented here.

I wonder how that might apply to metaspace, not having traveled consciously navigated it before. Lachesis was known to the residents of the Metricog, which would support that their universe is part of the cluster this one inhabit. Has Vulcanus managed to move beyond that, or are they still limited?

If it's true that they've mastered imaginary time, then it may not really matter how the multiverse is arranged. But then, that's all working from knowledge of the fifth dimension that can be deduced from the third. Until we know how their methods work, we can't be entirely sure what they're capable of, but it would be wise not to dismiss the possibility, at least.
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i am not a scientist but i play one on rp

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Well, it isn't the science itself that you seem to need, just a connection to the scientific community.
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Then I suppose I'll keep you updated on whatever I turn up.