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001 || Audio

[Tired. Incredibly irritated. Both are reflected in his tone when Steve opens up a link to the network, once he's figured out how to navigate it.]

Should I be looking for Stark, Banner, or Thor? Probably Thor, since the cube - [He sighs.] Where am I? No, that's not the right question, is it. When am I? Stark, why did you build this whole building if you were going to leave it to the creepy computer, and where's that other one, JARVIS?

[A pause. He has more questions, certainly, but that's a start.] I think that's it. I'll be in the 'M.A.C.'.

Wait, no, one more thing. What happened to Lady Liberty?
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[Hank's sitting in his lab, leaning back in his chair in a t-shirt and lab coat, counting off his fingers as he answers each question.]

He didn't build it, really. That's the wrong Stark building, the one this universe came with. Tony's is elsewhere in the City.

No Thor around, not for a while. The only Hulk who's here these days is the She- variety. Jarvis isn't here, either. Skrulls happened to the Statue. Don't ask about the moon.

[He sits forward, threading his fingers as he rests his elbows on the desk.] But, more important, how are you doing, Steve? Or when, if that question even parses properly.
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Yes! You know, She-Hulk!

[But then he gets a better look at the video, how this man looks significantly younger than him, and the implications of his second line.] Ah. Once or twice.

In your future, perhaps. Or maybe on another world entirely. [He'd worked with a much younger Charles Xavier of all people for about a year, he should be able to handle this.]
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Not outside the realm of possibility. You may be surprised how often that sort of thing happens here.

[He pauses a second, then closes his eyes and spreads his hands. Like he's explaining to a class.] She-Hulk is Bruce's cousin. There was a blood transfusion. You can guess from there, though she tends to have far better control over the anger issues.
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I've been an Avenger every now and then. Much younger during my first stint, it was well over ten years ago. Of course, you've been there almost from the start!

[Previous experience with alternate universes, of course, prompts a question.] They do call them the Avengers where your from, don't they?
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[Well, that's an odd thing to say.] Why would SHIELD be so terribly concerned what you call yourselves?
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Well, that would certainly support an alternate universe. As far as I know, the Avengers originally operated independently, up until Gyrich muscled the NSC into our charter.
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World-specific, not important. Unless a pencilneck by the name of Henry Peter Gyrich happens to show, and I'm sure the two of your would get on swimmingly. [By which he means he doubts he'll have to warn him because his scuzziness will be readily apparent.]

I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? That's a terrible oversight, just terrible.
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Perhaps, but that doesn't bring an illusion of balance, either.

More to the point, Dr. Henry McCoy is the name. Or perhaps my nom de guerre would be more professionally relevant. [He places both palms against his chest, eyes closed with a very proud air about him. This is clearly a very serious matter.] I'm the boisterous and benevolent but ever-bounding Beast.
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Well, Beast is one I really only bring it out in special circumstances anymore. Dr. McCoy is fine, or even Hank, if you like.