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NEWSBREAK // Soon after the climax of the meeting log

[Blond junior news anchor Carl Morton is behind the desk tonight, his composure visibly wavering a bit after the sudden bombshell that just got dropped on the international community.]

Dramatic new developments in the controversy surrounding the ImBargo Act today, as we have confirmed reports that an official in the English government has been revealed as a Skrull agent- an alien shapeshifter that impersonates other people. Craig Williamson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, was attending a diplomatic meeting this weekend with ImPorts associated with the Department of Integration.

[A file photo of the politician in question appears, next to one of D.O.I. head Callie Maggotbone.]

The meeting was about England’s participation in the ImBargo Act, a treaty backed by Vulcanus that bans all ImPorts from the territory of member countries. The talks took a turn for the dramatic when Williamson was confronted by the ImPorts with evidence implicating his policies as being directly influenced by Vulcanus.

[The image changes to a beleaguered police official surrounded by officers, pushing his way past a throng of shouting reporters demanding more information.]

Details are still emerging, but at this time it seems the confrontation provoked Williamson into revealing himself as a Skrull. According to the police a fight then broke out, and it appears that the alien committed suicide with a poison capsule before it could be apprehended.

[A brief, shaky shot of a covered gurney being wheeled into an ambulance by paramedics surrounded by police trying to hold back more reporters. The camera zooms in on a hand sticking out from under the sheet- a green, scaled hand with claws.]

No comment from the D.O.I. or the English government has been released at this time, but people are already asking why an alien infiltrator would pose as such a high-profile supporter of Vulcanus and the ImBargo. It’s still unknown how long the imposter has been in place, what has happened to the real Craig Williamson, and whether he’s still alive.

[Images appear of the late Governor Moffat of New York and of a devastated Times Square, circa early 2012]

Skrulls posing as ImPorts were blamed for attacks in America last year including the assassination of New York’s State Governor and a bloody battle in Times Square. Public outrage around those events was part of what led to the ImBargo in the first place. Vulcanus enjoyed a surge in support after the tragedies, but has since been condemned after taking credit for what has been called a ‘biological terrorism attack’ against ImPorts visiting Venezuela in October.

[There’s a brief clip of footage from the chaos at the ImPort masquerade ball in Merida, when Vulcanus released a plague there. And finally we’re back to Carl behind his news desk, wrapping up the report.]

The revelation that a Skrull has apparently been backing the ImBargo for an unknown amount of time raises new questions about whether other Skrulls may be present in governments around the world, and just what link there is between them, the ImBargo Act, and Vulcanus. England has previously been criticized by other governments for its continued membership in the ImBargo, and is likely to come under fresh pressure in the wake of this scandal.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

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video + action for anyone on the flight i guess??

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[ Julian is considerably less stressed out now that he's not about to be arrested anymore. He leans back, watching the news report, and looking incredibly self-satisfied. ]

So that didn't take them long. For once the media are actually good for something, it's a fucking miracle.
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It can truly be a wonder, but give them a story sensational and visible enough, with the proper evidence to support it, and the media can actually report the truth once in a while. Whether or not they wish to.
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So all you need to do to get them telling the real story is to give them no damned choice about it. Figures.

I wonder what happens next.
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The amount of arm-twisting, of course, is dependent on just how inclined they are against you otherwise.

It's hard to say where we go from here. This, obviously, is only one considerable step in what is sure to be a long battle. We have options, we just have to determine where to start approaching them.
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But we were right. The Skrulls didn’t disappear. If they were in England, they could be in any of the ImBargoed countries. People have got to start looking for them.
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And they will. The connections have all been laid bare now, we just had to open their eyes to it first.
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Anyone who trusts either Vulcanus or ImBargo after this has to be crazy.
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[personal profile] professorlionface 2013-05-24 12:33 am (UTC)(link)
Or willfully blind. ...Or fully aware of their true nature from the start.
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Knowing and not caring. It wouldn't surprise me. But it's different now, it's not just about ImPorts anymore. No one's gonna like the idea of Skrulls hiding out in the governments. No one, no matter how much they hate us.

[ Vulcanus had lied to everyone, had used their position to lie and manipulate a foreign power. If that didn't cause ripples, Julian didn't know what would. ]
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It would make them seem rather hypocritical now, wouldn't it? To be against our trespassing while supporting an organization that utilizes other trespassers.

We at least deal more transparently. ...For the most part.
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At least when we're brought here, we don't get a say in it. The Porter does that.

[ Except for when they willfully invaded England of course. But that's beside the point here, and besides. England should be thanking them right now. ]

Besides, we never tried to get an arm into their government. There's no way Vulcanus are getting away with this.
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Not their government, but I'm talking more generally than about England specifically. But the government positions our people generally hold are far more transparent, like the office of Mayor.

[But then, even City Hall has its secret dealings, as both of them know. Maybe not the best example.]
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The first time I ever met Hundred, I asked him how the hell he got the Mayoral office. That seems crazy now, people liking one of us enough to give one of us the popular vote.

[ He wonders now if that will stick, when the next elections rear their head. It's possible. ]
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It all happened just before I arrived. The best I can say is that the atmosphere has changed since then, but then it's changed from where it was a year ago, too. Who knows where we'll be when elections come up again.
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It's gotten better. [ He says that almost grudgingly, even though he's glad about it. ]

It still ain't what it was before the Skrulls.
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It does us no good to long for what's gone. We can only move forward to create something new in its place.

And the best way we're going to do that is by disrupting the factions that are hellbent on making it worse.
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[ He knows Hank's right. It's what they've been working for, after all. ]

I'm not arguing with you, Doc.
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[He lets out a sigh, scratching at his neck.]

Sorry if I came off as though we were. But the unfortunate fact is that what's done is done. Much of how it's improved since, at least, we can attribute to our own efforts.
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So long as it keeps going that way, it works for me.

[ But he pauses, before adding: ]

And if Vulcanus leave it alone. Which they won’t. There’s no way they won’t hit back at us for this.
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Then we'll be ready for them when they do retaliate. If they're moving outward, we'll make this, their home universe, the most unwelcome place imaginable for their purposes.
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[ He thinks about that for a moment. ]

Well. That part sounds like fun.
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Whoever said politics can't be? When you're winning, it's a real gas!
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[ Ew. No, don’t say that. ]

I’m not playing politics.

[ He kind of is though. ]
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The rules of engagement have already been set, and we've met them. What we just did had everything to do with politics.
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All I did was root the truth out. The politics were played by other people.
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You may be surprised how powerful a weapon the truth can be in politics.
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[ Side-eyeing. ] If it is, they aren't real big on using it.
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That's because many of them enter the battlefield unarmed and have to make do with other armaments. It's a sort of conflict not only between ideas, but truth and spin.
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[ Julian shakes his head, frustration evident in his tone. His eyes are fixed, and hold a certain intensity that’s hard to place. ] Spin is lies. Even I know that, and that’s what they all do. If there was less of that kind of screwing around, someone like Fake Williamson wouldn’t have got nearly as far as he did. They don’t notice him because there’s already so much corruption that they’re actually used to people like him manipulating the system.

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Which is exactly what I meant when I said a conflict existed between them. So that when you have so many lies going about, you need the right truth to cut through it.
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Well maybe this time we did. I guess we’ll see what difference it makes.
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[personal profile] professorlionface 2013-06-14 07:49 am (UTC)(link)
And then, next time, we can do it again.