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seventeen- video;

Testing, one, two, three. [Quentin is no where to be seen but the camera gives a clear view of his kitchen counter-top.]

It's been a while, denizens of The City. As most of you may recall, I was the winning bidder for an exclusive set of collectibles during the charity auction. I spent nearly two-thousand dollars for such fine craftsmanship and I know what many of you are thinking. One, where the hell did I get that kind of money, and most importantly why the hell did I spurge on such luxurious items?

Why, for entertainment by yours truly. There's a little bit of something for everyone here.

[cue the Thor puppet, who looks especially beautiful with his luscious golden locks. He is standing next to a red bottle of L'Oreal Color-Vive protecting shampoo on Quentin's kitchen countertop. In the most (read: not very) masculine voice possible;]

I am called Thor, god of Thunder who is far too beautiful to do the tasks of mere mortals. I believe there is nothing left for me to do except forsaking my status as god of thunder to become the god of hair, as mine is so wonderful and long- [the Thor puppet is interrupted mid hair flip to the rough cry of freedom coming from the Captain America puppet who jumps.]

'MURICA. Stop right there son, this is 'murica and we don't have no god of hair. We have FREEDOM. But what the hell do I know about freedom with my stupid little head and my cute widdle wings on my face? I represent everything capitalist scums enjoy with my good friend, Tony Stark.

[The Stark puppet is thrown in front of the camera before Quentin moves the camera to show Spider-Man, the Wasp, and Black Widow puppets being carried/devoured by a giant spider made out of legos. It's pretty big ande detailed for something made out of legos.]

Help us Avengers!

I can't because I am too busy being a capitalist with Tony Stark, son. [The camera turns back to Tony Stark and Captain America who seem to be chilling on top of a throne of toilet paper. Quentin announces the end of this puppet show with a curt laugh and with the words;]

To be continued...

[The view suddenly shifts to this monstrosity and Quentin quickly adds in the sound effects of] SNIKTY SNIKT. [Before turning off the camera... to be continued in the comments.]
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[Hank just sits at a workbench in his lab, head in his hands as a long groan that sounds vaguely like a growl runs through the accompanying audio.]
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[He manages to peek out from between his fingers long enough to see what Quentin does, and that at least merits a snort.

He could try saying he doesn't sound anything like that, but it isn't true. That's exactly what he sounds like.
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[His hands finally drop, pointing a finger at the screen.]

Okay, that part's all wrong. I'd have drunk it instead.
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He's a terribly modest puppeteer, as well!

[Hank, you are passive-aggressively talking to a puppet. This is what your life has become.]
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And at least I'm not talking through a puppet of you!

[Wait, that's an idea. He needs to call Pietro.]
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[Waking up in the morning is inviting him to set fire to the school.]

Who's sore? Do I look sore right now?
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[Hank just shrugs. It's been two months, and he actually got a laugh out of this. Maybe he'd been making a big deal over nothing!]

Well, I'm sorry to hear that, mini-me, but you'll just have to get over it, I'm afraid.
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[And then he'll just have to save Quentin, because you know who they'll be going after first.]

Cultured. Is that what we're calling it now?
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A funny use for it, at least, when you've just equated it with being a sore loser.