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001 • video

[ Prepare yourselves, heroes, for Abed Nadir's Introduction to Panfandom Kidnapping. Which is to say that from the moment the camera's rolling on him (from that special awkward "the phone is on a lanyard and still around my neck but I'm recording anyway" angle), he's all darting wide eyes, no particular emotional inflection barring a little excitement, and rapidfire speech. It's been an eventful day, more unpleasantly stressful than not. The fact that he's apparently been summoned to serve as a superhero, though, is at least interesting enough to help him take to the change with a minimum of meltdown. ]

Smartphone. Cool. Cool cool cool. Not very high-tech for superhero gadgetry, but there are probably some kind of budgetary limits behind this. I can work with it while I'm here. It's got a good camera.

Oh, and I'm looking for some people. That's more important. Troy Barnes, Annie Edison, Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Shirley Bennett. Also Pierce Hawthorne? Troy or Jeff would be my first picks for a cross-dimensional kidnapping, but I should keep all the bases open. I can describe them more if that helps. Or you can ignore that if you haven't seen them since it doesn't make a difference to you. That's probably what I would do. [ He pauses there and tilts his head sharply to the right. ]

I'd point out that it's weird to expect any of them to show up when there are billions of people in the world, or that I've been in school for three years and I don't really know anybody else worth looking for, but those things usually lampshade themselves eventually. Right now it feels kind of like the Breakfast Club- you don't know who's gonna be in detention with you, you just know you have detention. Only it's detention with capes. [ Ah wait, he's got it. ] Breakfast Club detention principle laid over the unexpected otherworldly adventure of Wizard of Oz laid over the gritty surreal rabbit hole of the Matrix, but produced by comic book companies. Total genre switches like these are risky when the audience is already invested in the established universe, but I like the gamble.

[ Abed pauses just once more as if in thought, then seems to nod to himself. ] Yeah, I think that's it. I've already got some brochures about the city, so I'm just gonna find a store.

[ Hm. Sure. Good a place as any to end. ]

((woop, and a reminder that he has a permissions post for his fourth-walling if you like!))
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That movie sounds like it would be in dire need of an editor if it were to be anything remotely watchable. Personally, I just like to call it "life".
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One might say we're our own editors, though there will always be directors and producers getting in the way of our own vision.

Which way was the Matrix meant to apply, exactly?
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Better than returning home only to find that we'd all died on the island long ago, if we're to compare it to television shows.

But really, I think this is still largely consistent with what many of us knew about the universe, or multiverse rather, well before our arrival here. And it doesn't make our home universes any less real, either.
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[He chuckles a bit.]

Well, I don't know if it's quite that easy, for most of us at least. But there are certainly methods to explore those boundaries, if you're familiar with them.

Of course, the restrictions in this particular system are more stringent, but that goes back to the Breakfast Club analogy.
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While I may dabble in quantum physics, my specialty lies more in biochem. Which isn't to say the restrictions haven't been researched, but the results weren't especially promising.

One might say the principal caught us picking the lock.
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What's the point of rhetoric if you're not going to have some fun with it? That's half the point of talking, in my view!

Though I'm still not convinced the mystery really relates to the Matrix as such, it's too specific. There are many stories that might relate better to it, maybe something of Asimov's.
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Really more of a general conceit than a specific work. This is, at its core, the story of a robot. But she may be just the sort of prototype that would lead to the ratification of the Three Laws.
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You would think I should, at this point. I have been here for two and a half years, after all.
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It really is, isn't it? But the time does tends to pile on when you don't exactly have a choice in the matter.
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Yes, but which universe we'll be living in is one of those big ones that very few of us are given the opportunity to make.
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I suppose that's part of the persistence with the Matrix analogy, then?
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For a certain definition of freedom... [He pauses here. It would be the perfect place to add "Mister Nadir", but he doesn't know Abed's name. He doesn't even think to wonder how Abed knows his.] Really, the limitations here aren't terribly different than on our native worlds, if a bit more restrictive.

There's powers that can expand or constrict it, sure, but the the technological level is still playing catch up, and you have the political atmosphere to contend with as well. I suppose that's really my problem with accepting that perspective, though it may be a bit stuffy and dry of me.
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Yes, but it's the sort of point that makes me feel old for having to bring up.