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God, I swear there ain't nothin' on this planet that can be as aggravatin' as a man.

Makes a gal think about givin' up an' becomin' a nun.


Hey, I need some favors. I'll owe y'all a solid, alright?
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Inclusive as the criticism may be, I can't really begrudge it. Too many problems coming from one side can cast its entirety in a dim light.

Care to talk about it?
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And a fond salutation to you as well, Lillian. So, what's the story?
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It's been a while, you may need to catch me up.
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Ah. I didn't realize you had one!

[Hank's first thought: rebounding already?]
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I've spoken to him a few times before. [A little weird, but probably harmless.] So the two of you really hit it off then?
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So what changed it?
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[He pauses himself, considering that a moment.]

Yes, I can imagine how that would lead to difficulties. How it goes from there would really depend on how patient the both of you are willing to be with managing it.

If you think it's worth it.
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Certainly not. If you think the best way to preserve the relationship is through friendship, then it's probably for the best.
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If the feelings aren't really romantic, than no, I shouldn't think that you do. But that leaves the question of whether they are or not.
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How do you mean?

[Was he rebounding, too?]
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[An avoidant husband who isn't even here anymore. Hank doesn't really know what she's got.]

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The how and the why don't really matter anymore. What matters is how you'll be doing now that it's done.
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Right this moment? No. But I wouldn't recommend leaving it unaddressed indefinitely, either. It wouldn't be good for you.

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