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Voice | FRIENDS!? Friends!

[An excited, frequently pausing, voice filters through the comm.]


So, I was thinking. Since I haven't heard Church yelling anywhere nearby and, I haven't seen Agent Washing Tub since I came through the, uh, teleporter thingy with the nice computer lady, one of you guys should be my new. best. friend!

It would be great. We could go walking in the [What was this place again? He doesn't remember.] theeeee place and we could eat ice cream, and talk, and play with stuff - but no guns this time. That didn't end well.

Oh, oh! And if anyone's blue too we can match!

[He's point the camera at himself, but the camera isn't on.]

No aquas though, that's not blue.

[And he just stops there, expectantly watching his communicator waiting for his new first FRIEND to reply. Because he's one hundred percent sure he'll get a friend this way.]

*Extra commas and periods are being added to show Caboose's pausing language, if you don't want that in my replies just mention it.
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[Hank is very definitely blue, but more than that he looks a bit...concerned.]

Well, I don't suppose I should fault the eagerness, but I have to wonder if you understand the situation you're facing.
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Not an alien, just a mutant. And...thanks, I suppose. [Hearing that it's nice is better than the alternative, at least.]

I'm afraid this is a little more than a mere portal, however. You've been actively taken to another dimension.
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[Is he joking? Should Hank roll with it?]
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[He rolls with it.]

It's positively dreadful! My own counterpart was a big red dog, and we had to fight for dominance.

Yours, who can say? The goatee, at the very least, is a likelihood. They're very in fashion here.
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That depends. How important are your feelings about kittens to the person you are?
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[Hank tries to look grim to match, but the corners of his mouth are fighting to pull upward.]

Then there's no helping it. He'll almost certainly hate kittens.
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Ah, but luckily this will imply your own lack of rudeness, hmm?
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Please, Dr. McCoy will be fine. Or Hank, even.

What was your name?
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Well, Mr. Caboose, it's a pleasure to meet you!

Have you been told everything you need to know to settle in?