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Day 2 // Eighth Hour // Voice

This post is intended for all the newer ImPorts on the Network, and for everyone who has had some kind of encounter with Vulcanus. After what happened with New Vesuvius, I think it’s time we all shared some information.

My name’s Jack Bauer. I've been here for a few years, first with the police, now with the Department of Integration. I was around when Vulcanus first went public two years ago. If anyone wants to know more about this conflict- who they are, what they've done- I can help you.

This fight’s been going on for years, a lot has happened. There aren't many people left who have been involved since the beginning, and there's a lot of people here now who weren't present for the Skrulls or the plague. I know the information that’s publicly available doesn't have a lot of details.

I don’t have the full picture. I don’t know anyone who does. We need to fix that if we’re going to win this.

[Jack pauses and takes a breath.]

That’s why I’m calling for anyone who has any knowledge or experience with Vulcanus to come forward now, on this post. Whatever you’re willing to share with the Network, whatever questions you can answer, anything to help new arrivals get their bearings on this thing.

It’s important that every ImPort in the City knows about this, because the second you got Ported in here, you became a target. You’re part of this whether you like it or not, and it's in your best interests to learn about the people gunning for you.

Vulcanus doesn't flinch at going after innocent people or children. They’re willing to hurt anyone who’s an ImPort, as well as any native that’s in their way. They're a threat to the entire world, and other universes besides. The atrocities in New Vesuvius are just the latest proof that they have to be stopped.
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There have been numerous investigations into the matter recently, but I think the results to those have been mostly understood publicly by now.
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Mm. Amanda ran point on a lot of that. I know she was one of the few people who managed to get any talking done with Dr. Deconnick. She would have known more about Hojere than I do, unfortunately.
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Ah. That I did.

It was a curious little thing, a localized dampener, activating when it received a certain remote signal. It's master transmitter was likely kept by each of the Skrulls, sending a passive broadcast that woke the little guys up any time they were near. The dampening technology itself isn't necessarily new, as you may recall we had a run-in with it's much larger siblings at NOHoPE, but there are two things that made it very special.

The first, they were very remarkably small. The efficiency of the devices is some very admirable engineering!

The second? The delivery system. After our last trip, all the talk of imaginary time, speculation as to the implications of the idea are not pleasant. Worse yet, we have in these dampeners evidence that Vulcanus had infiltrated not only the Network, but Lachesis herself over a year and a half ago.

I doubt I need to tell you how worrisome that idea is.
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Leaves one to wonder if her current actions aren't to cover her tracks.

[His chair squeaks in the background, along with the sound of him tapping his fingers against the desk.]

What it all comes down to is considering what imaginary time is. It's a concept in quantum mechanics that imagines time and space as a sort of plane that one can access at any point, as if operating outside of either. Like so much of quantum mechanics, it began more as a thought experiment, but methods of actualizing it have cropped up. We as imPorts will all be familiar with one device that operates through imaginary time: Lachesis. And in New Vesuvius we met her sister, Clotho.

There was evidence found in Belfast of items, specimens, that were taken from other universes. If I had to guess, I'd say that if they don't have their own Porter machine, it's certainly something very similar.
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voice; take back the specimens bit, i got my info mixed up

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It was a device that was testing interdimensional travel. Mostly of water, or whatever passed for it wherever they were testing. The equipment was retrieved, but seemed built specifically for the location it was found. We've had some trouble getting it to work elsewhere, but we do now have components to what may be the prototype for a Vulcanus-created Porting device.
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I haven't gotten my hands on it, personally. But the components seem to only work in Belfast.
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They can't use it while it's disconnected either, as far as I can tell. I think its current state should be perfectly safe.
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That would be a regular problem in dealing with her. When can we have been said to ever fully understand her motivations? I think there are two possibilities there. The first is that, for whatever reason, she simply doesn't want to, but is pushing us to do it all the same.

The second, which is more outlandish but at least answers nearly as many questions as it raises, is that she can't.
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We can't rule it out. If they're in league with their New Vesuvius branch, there's a great deal about Porter technology they may know that we don't. Perhaps it's even how their multidimensional capabilities got their start.