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twenty-one swords line up with each other

[ video ]

[ Click, and the rustling of leaves: the communicator opens its video on booted feet and a long red coat. Archer is holding it in one hand at his side as he walks through a park, heedlessly kicking up dry leaves around him. ]

It troubles me to say something so mundane, but it's been over a year now since I arrived in this stupid heroes' City. Well, I won't bore any of you with the mundane details of how much blood I've needed to wash out of my clothes since then or something like that. I'll only say this: as counterintuitive as it seems, this place isn't totally worthless.

[ His grip on the network device tightens, his thumb briefly obscuring the input and slightly muffling his next words-- ]

There are good people in it.

[ Then he's lifting it so that the camera focuses on his face at last. ]

Listen. I intend to protect people like that, as stupid and useless as it might be in the long run.

[ He looks away from the camera for a moment, and when he glances back, he's all business. ]

Who has skill in communicating with beings of darkness beyond human ken? There might be some interdimensional travel involved as well, but we're all old hat at that.

Naturally, I have fought such existences. But this one might be an ally, not an enemy.

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