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030 // video; after 4:15pm

[Spider-Man's mask isn't visible in frame -- instead, it's generic view of City skyline, no particular landmarks in sight. Still, you don't need to recognize individual buildings to see they don't look right. Skyscrapers are tall as a rule, but these seem taller than they should, relative to the visible number of stories.

That the tallest ones are starting to corkscrew round the tops should also be a giveaway.]

Please, someone tell me I drank some bad eggnog last night and I'm imagining this. I will gladly trade the public humiliation for architecture with a proper respect for the laws of physics. And if it's not asking too much, I'd also appreciate laws of physics with a proper respect for the laws of physics.

[He clears his throat.] Assuming lack of egg-induced hallucinations, I think everybody should grab a coat and get outside.

[Beat. The groan of tortured metal and concrete is audible.]

Right now. Help anyone around you who needs help, but don't waste time trying to pack.

[PRIVATE to Tony Stark and Valeria Richards.]

Tony? Val? If I don't hear from you in the next five minutes I'm heading to the penthouse.

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