wild_roar: (tiger - oh shit)
Kotetsu Kaburagi ([personal profile] wild_roar) wrote in [community profile] capeandcowl2014-01-02 04:11 pm

[video] Wild Tiger's comm, around 3pm


[the voice precedes the video, which snaps on to show the crumbling rubble of buildings defying gravity and disappearing upward into the sky. It's shocking even for people who've been living in the City for the last five years. Muted in the background are yells and honking car horns]

Heroes? However many of us are left. I think it's all hands on deck time.

Does anybody know how to stop this? The entire city's gonna be destroyed! If we can't stop it, we've gotta get all these people to safety, now.

I really hope nobody was in those buildings...

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