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[well, here's a sad sight. The ocean around the harbor where winter-sailors keep their ships has receded so much, due to apocalypse, that the boats are all just sort of laying in the mud. That includes the Dream of Blue, with its pirate flag hanging limp]

So much for trying to escape by sea.

This is all so odd to actually experience. The tides just stopping, the moon falling out of the sky. Never in all my years would I ever have thought...

[the video doesn't stop (even though he swore he hit the button) as Sanji sets his comm down, and then can be seen Sky Walking over to the mast of his ship to collect the flag. It's sentimental, dammit. He comes back, picks up the comm, and keeps talking while he walks away]

Ladies, I hope you're all still all right, wherever you are. If you want, I can come check on you, and bring you something to keep you nourished in case you need to evacuate too. Miss Nill, Miss Minako...Callie?

For the rest of you losers who aren't ladies, I have a pretty serious question. In all this chaos, has anybody gone to check on the Porter machine? It hasn't been ripped up and sucked into the sky like all the other tall buildings, has it? Because if it's destroyed and we're all stuck here for the rest of our damn lives...I swear I'll destroy what's let of this world.

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