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[he didn't actually intend to post to the network. In the midst of brushing Old West Dust off his comm, his hand hit 'record.' At least it doesn't quite catch Kotetsu's face, because he's not wearing his mask - his silly beard and everything below it appears]

...is that? Damn! Ah...disregard this, I didn't mean to do that!

[forgive the dizzying whirl as he goes to turn it off, misses, fumbles it, and drops it onto a table with a clatter. Now the network is enjoying a fine view of three liquor bottles and a full glass.]

Ugh. Fine, you know what? I'll say something anyway. Did everybody make it back from cowboy-dinosaur world in one piece? Jack, Spidey, everybody...?

All that nonsense drove the date completely out of my head, until someone else mentioned Halloween. You know, this is the second of my partner's birthdays that I'm going to miss. It's enough to make a guy a little homesick.

[there, now he's got a mask on and can show his face as Wild Tiger. What a pain. He reaches to pick up the glass and turns the comm to him to prove it.]

To Barnaby Brooks, Jr., wherever he is. [aaaaand drink]

£ 040.

Oct. 31st, 2013 02:51 pm
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[someone is a grumpyskirt today]

I know that Halloween came from another holiday entirely, but doesn't it seem incredibly strange to have a day dedicated to fear? Haunted houses, terrifying costumes--they don't seem very, oh, I don't know. Intelligent. What can come of scaring people? I can't imagine it's anything terribly positive.

[don't play gem, there's a huge bowl behind you full of candy ready to go for tonight]

That said, I suppose costumes in themselves are fun. So long as they aren't anything grotesque.


Oct. 25th, 2013 02:30 am
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Just once, can we like, go to space or pilot some giant robots or blow up a meteor that's on a collision course with the Earth or fight some aliens or I dunno, ride around on jetpacks or something or do SOMETHING COOL instead of the stupid fantasy village and the wild west?!

I think we earned it after those other two.

I guess three for some of you guys.

I guess the dinosaurs are kinda cool though.

o15; voice

Oct. 22nd, 2013 02:22 pm
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[ His tone is subdued, much calmer than usual when he's speaking on the network. Not necessarily unusually calm for Harvey, but he rarely addresses the network in this sort of mood. Contemplative, almost relaxed. ]

I don't want to talk about Halloween or Vulcanus.

[ Straightforward. ]

Been thinking about other things. That's all.

Like time. People like their anniversaries from home even though the years or months don't match up. Birthday's ain't a year apart unless you get extremely lucky. Is it that people like the normalcy about it even when it isn't accurate? I wouldn't find it comforting. There's some things from home you shouldn't want to repeat themselves.

[ He pauses. ]

But sometimes they do anyway.

Is that bad luck, or fate?

What's actually there to celebrate?


Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:39 am
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[Minako is at the Pie Hole, of course, taking a moment in the midst of getting ready to open... but that has nothing to do with the reason she's posting to the Network right now. She looks uncertain, and troubled; she should probably have shared this information sooner, but she's had her doubts about what to say, and how publicly.

She still has doubts, so when she speaks, it's hesitant and very brief.]

I think... I might have found out something about Atropos.
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[ It's late at night or early in the morning to some. For Rin it has to be a late night as she's never coherent in the morning and with the solemn look on her face, she's got reasons for being awake. A thought that nags at her continuously until it's spoken abruptly. ]

War is a concept I'm only vaguely familiar with. [ Whatever uncertainty she's shown on the network previously has left her and in its place is elegant sobriety despite the confession of ignorance on a subject. ] The thing is when I took up the mantle to participate in a war myself, I didn't do it because it was something I simply wanted to do. Without regard to the hero I would call to my side, I forced my body to endure pain that the human body shouldn't be capable of withstanding all to participate foolishly in a war as it were my birthright. Due to my elders who participated in the ceremony prior, the timing for this one came thirty years sooner than expected and without a lifetime of experience, I made foolhardy mistakes.

[ She paces herself well enough with the conversation and now that she's reached the right part, she boldly states something sure to grab the attention of those listening. ]

So when a man I went to investigate recklessly claimed that Vulcanus was building an army, I had to make sure that his words were nothing other than the truth. How much of it was paranoia due to the situation he found himself in suddenly and how much of it was the truth? I have lived long enough to understand that when someone is upset, they can warp the reality around them and see things that they want to see other than what is real. [ The last thing she wants is to fall victim to her hereditary curse and make a mistake on something this important so she takes in a deep breath to steel herself. ] Furthermore, I was unable to confirm much of the rest of the story I had been told and I'm afraid he's no longer available for questioning due to a life-threatening mishap.

[ That part causes her expression to falter and she's quick to look away from the comm as if guilty of something. With her averted gaze, Rin forces herself to continue speaking though the tone she now uses is more gentle. ]

There's been a lot of talk about Vulcanus lately, hasn't there? I probably should have engaged the conversation much sooner than I have, but there are so many unanswered questions that I would be disappointed in myself for not having a reasonable explanation for them. In a world that has alien computers I ought to not be too picky with my information, but I suppose it can't be helped now. All I can do is state what is known to me and allow you to decide what to do with these findings.

So listen up.

There was a man who had been twisted into something man-like, but very much no longer man. In short, parts of other creatures had been grafted onto him like a transplant. Vulcanus hosted a study and created a monster out of him, as well as many others who were harvested in the same way. He indicated that they had been lied to though I was unable to find any documentation on related studies though he had mentioned the very same islands that another imPort had visited previously... the Caymans was it? [ She wants to call Stark by name, but since she's only heard of it being at 'Stark's place' the best she can do is emphasize on that point. ] I suppose there were more than just turtles there.

One thing he said that should be kept in mind by all is that there are others like him out there. He was sure of it, in fact I'm willing to bet that was the thing he was most certain about. Yeah, there are more of them out there.

The only question is do they have enough for their army?
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[Kenzi can be seen lounging lazily on the couch, the comm is sitting so that she's seen from about her shoulders up.  She glances over at it before picking up the remote and shutting off the TV, which could be heard going in the background prior to this.]

Right...so I've been, like, sitting on some information about a certain organization that wants us dead or under their control, or whatever, for a bit now.  Since we got back from out little trip to fantasy land, actually.  I've been trying to decide what to do with said info.  Y'know, like, do I look into it myself?  Because this is some seriously juicy shit that actually has me curious.

But then I thought there might be someone out there that would pay for this information.  And seeing how I no longer have a job thanks to a nearly two week long deport I'm kinda in need of some cash.  Then again, all you hero types get your panties in a twist over paying for good deeds and blahblahblah.  So...  [She trails off, frowning a bit.]  It all leaves me in a bit of a pickle.

Oh what t--  [Before she can finish the sentence the image on the screen is suddenly a blur as her little fairy dragon decides to take off with the comm.  Not too far off Kenzi can be heard;]  Hey, give that back you little jerk!

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[hello, Network! Nepeta is sitting inside one of those charmingly cozy hipster cafes somewhere in the City, a large teacup decorated in pawprints and a plate of biscotti perched in front of her on the rickety table. as she begins to speak she starts to fiddle with the teacup, pulling out the infuser and piling spoonful after spoonful of sugar into it with surprisingly gentle motions]

So I checked the network to be absolutely pawsitive, and today's the day that I made my furst post furever ago. That makes it a whole human year that I've been here, right?

[she's tried her best to be certain, but the mysteries of the earth calendar still escape her in many ways]

You guys kind of missed out on throwing me a party, but there's still time to get me something cool! If you bring me a bag of candy or let me carve a pumpkin I'll be supurr nice and purrtend that it isn't even a little bit late. Or you could go all out and get me anofur kitty furiend!

[she giggles, teasing. she doesn't actually care or expect anyone to bring her something]

But really, it's been purretty neat expurrloring this purrlace fur so long even if people keep coming and going. I'd really love it if you guys told me your fafurite thing that's happened to you here - I haven't heard a new story in furever! And I've even got a snack to munch on while I'm listening.

[she wiggles in her seat, about to turn off the transmission and expectantly await replies when a thought strikes her. unfortunately Nepeta has no idea how to filter and so she simply tacks it onto this post]

Oh, and Rua! I bought Duel Monster cards! I think I should purrobably try and kick your butt at it even though we won't have motorcycles.
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[ filtered from Renee Montoya and Two-Face ]

So Can Anyone Tell Me Who Renee Montoyas Ex Is
Or I Dont Know Just A General Head Count Of Who Here Originates In Gotham City

Video - I

Oct. 20th, 2013 10:11 am
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[ The man sitting in the chair in the lobby of the City Hall visitors center is wan and disheveled, and looks like he hasn't slept for a week, which is probably close to accurate. But he's learned how to eat human foods all on his own and he's been lurking the Network for days now, so he has a perfect understanding of how all things work and why.

To belie that he's also drinking a coffee creamer packet separately from the coffee.

You're all lucky I'd rather be here than at home, and I suspect I'm not the only one. Ignore whatever you know about any previous imposters going by the name of Starscream--[ And there's a sort of battered pride accompanying that name, the only real pride clinging to his rumpled hunched-in body, which otherwise seems eternally braced to receive a kick or an unkind word. ]--I certainly plan to.

[ Although the one previous did seem to have friends. And a decent life. And that would be nice, wouldn't it? ]

Although if--you would prefer to get to know me, ah, through prior association or not, I can't stop you. [ Translation; please do, he's desperately lonely. ]
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[The screen turns on. Callie is back to her voluptuous, womanly glory. She appears to be in a bar, happily drinking a cocktail.]

You know what, I'm just going to say it. I missed the girls. I mean really missed the girls. I feel like I pulled off the 'dude' in me pretty well, but it's hard to replace two immaculate things with one big package.

[She sips her drink, letting out a long sigh.]

Now that I'm back to my old self... I think some changes are in order. First, I'm going to sublet my amazing apartment. It's not that I don't like it. I just need a change of pace. Maybe get a place with a smaller kitchen and a bigger view.

[She shrugs]

Who knows. I'm weighing my options.

If anyone is interested in an apartment with a kickass kitchen and a giant walk-in closet, I'm going to be sitting here accepting drinks all night.
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[A spinning, shaking field of stars fills the screen. It must be a particularly clear night, because there are more bursts of light in the sky than could possibly be counted, each of them sharp and vivid. There’s the sound of a cape flapping in a roaring wind. Calvin’s flying pretty high up, but he manages to make his voice clear over the sound of his passage.]

Do you ever look at the stars? I mean, really look at them? I’ve always thought that they’re really beautiful, but seeing the night sky like this can make you think, too.

On the one hand, it’s really exciting! There could be anything out there! Whole civilizations of aliens, or black holes that nobody has ever seen before, or cosmic events that we can’t even imag- oops!

[The view suddenly lurches and plummets. The wind becomes a thin whistle. The viewer gets a great look at the lights of the City blazing like the lights in the sky, getting bigger as the communicator falls downward. Then it stops, turns upward, and there’s a blurred glimpse of Calvin’s face before the screen fills with stars again.]

Sorry, dropped my communicator. Um, where was I? Oh, right. On the other hand, there’s nothing like watching the boundless cosmos to make you feel insignificant. I mean here I am, a genius kid with superpowers from another dimension, but compared to everything up there I might as well be a dust speck!

When you think about it, it’s hard to justify all the things we get so wrapped up in. What’s the point of being upset over a bad grade or missing someone or never getting to go home again? The stars don’t care about any of that. And no matter what you do with your life, they won’t care what you accomplish or how much money you make, either!

In the grand scheme of things, the worst thing in the world isn’t that bad, but the greatest experience of your life wasn’t that good! Compared to infinity, maybe even superheroes are just specks punching other specks to protect littler specks. So why does any of it really matter?

[Calvin is silent for a moment, thinking. The wind keeps roaring, the boy keeps flying. The stars burn in the sky.]

I think I’m going to be six forever.
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Having been here for just over a year, I suppose it only the done thing to extend my trust outwards to you all on a very important matter. Also, it seems I haven't done a broadcast in almost four months? Time does fly when one moves house.

Anyway. I'm in dire need of costume suggestions for Halloween.

[Will Rose every post anything serious ever again?? Probably not. ]

Given the departures of just about everyone I used to live with, the only matching costumes I will need will also have to suite Kanaya's tastes. Otherwise, I'm open to just about everything. Witches seem quite overdone? I had considered a bespectacled wizard with a gloriously long beard too, but I fear my cats my ruin it.

[A beat. ] Oh, right. I had almost forgotten - if anyone is interested in purchasing Davesprite and I's old residence, please let me know. It's fairly big - enough to room to have held at least five of us. I think some of our living furniture is still there. It has been thoroughly cleaned and not a single cat hair or bird feather remains. I can attest to it being incredibly homely. There is also Jade's greenhouse out back - the only stipulation is that you take good care of it. If not, Kanaya might have your head.

That's it, then.
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How did the Statue of Liberty get to look as it does? From what I have seen it used to look like a normal woman at one point. Did something happen recently?

(ooc: I got the Vulcanus Info from the mods. Saber knows better than to accuse a public figure with no evidence beyond one person's questionable suspicions over a public network. She will, however, eventually start locking threads and tell people what she's found out. If for whatever reason the thread doesn't get that far, feel free to assume she eventually did lock the thread and told your character what she found out.

To clarify: Everything Olivia Wood told Saber will eventually be told to whoever replies to this post. Do with it from there what you will!)
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"In other news, we've received reports of a missing child - a young boy named Jacob Schofield. Jacob, along with his friends, were playing at the Spuyten Duyvil Shorefront Park when his mother Erin noticed that he wasn't among the other children; the following search proved fruitless, and authorities were notified. So far, there haven't been any leads; there've been no reports of him walking off with another adult, and search dogs haven't been able to pick up a scent.

"Jacob's mother, Erin Schofield, is begging anyone who's seen her son to say something."

[insert some footage of a teary woman pleading with those watching to help her search, how good a boy Jacob is/was, and Jacob, if you can hear her, she just wants to know that you're safe ectectect]

"Jacob's friends have also added their hopes that he's found safe and sound."

[more footage. this of a preteen boy, who's awkward on camera but clearly distraught. 'we were just playing tag, and we were all running, and then we couldn't find him...']

"Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact..."

((OOC; Related to this plot.))


Oct. 13th, 2013 05:56 pm
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[In the middle of the room is a cold looking metal table with two rows of wicked looking blades lined neatly at either end. Gracefully, Lancer enters the shot from stage right, all smiles and carrying a plump, rounded object covered in a small white sheet which he sets gently set on the table. Absently he scoops up one of the larger looking butcher knifes and gingerly tests its edge.]

Funny how time changes all things. I guess to some it may not seem like that big of a deal: Out with the old, in the with new. If they even notice at all. Take this "Halloween".

[He pulls the sheet aside in one quick, showy flick exposing a rather healthy looking pumpkin.]

Now I have to admit, there are some pretty fun aspects of this that people have come up with. Like- JACK O' LANTERNS!

[As soon as he says that he jambs the knife home, sinking it hilt deep in the crown of the gourd. ]

But otherwise I find it to be a cheap and shallow imitation of very deep and meaningful traditions. [With a surprisingly fluid motion, he slices the crown of the pumpkin neatly in a circle and then impales it on his knife, lifting it off with a satisfying SHLUNK!]

Samhain, as it was called in my day and for millenia, is what Halloween is trying to be.

[Reaching one hand into the open wound, Lancer begins to graphically rip handfuls of the stringy guts and seeds out and plop them onto the table.]

It was a time of cleansing. Of renewal. Families would travel out at night between pyres in a ritual that was supposed to purify your spirits in preparation for the coming year. Oh course there was still a form of trick or treating. But we called it Guising. Kids went to houses between pyres, dressed up in all manner of attire, and put on a performance. That's right. Kids had to EARN their treats.

[After the last of the innards are removed, he swipes up several of the more fine tools and begins gouging out chunks of the side.]

I dunno, maybe I'm just trying to live in the past. One disgruntled foreigner probably doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I guess you can just call me a traditionalist.

Which is why this "Halloween" I'm hosting Guising at the Pie Hole! Stop on by on your 'Trick or Treat' rounds if you want a taste of Celtic culture. But remember, you have to perform to earn your certain something.

In the mean time, I guess I can give Halloween a shot. See if its worth the popularity. What about you out there? I want to hear about your take on this 'Holiday'.

[Putting down his tools, he hefts up the pumpkin to inspects his work.]

I'll listen, but I'm still skeptical. But I know one thing for sure.

[Turning it to face the camera, the expression carved into the pumpkin is a perfect match of the smirk he wears.]

The Jack O' Lanterns can stay.


Oct. 12th, 2013 10:13 am
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FYI, I still hate this month.

If anybody's looking for me -- ha ha, hilarious, I know -- I'll be in my room, avoiding basically everyone and everything. Disclaimer, right now: I'm not taking responsibility if you show up, try to drag me out of here, and I transform into your literal worst nightmare.

Because that's an actual thing I do. In case anybody didn't already know that.

[ he huffs out an impatient breath. ]

Someone come get me when Halloween is finally over. Thanks.
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Greetings, Network users! This is Steve.

Might I bother you for a bit of friendly conversation? I've come to the conclusion that is the best course of action.

Please do bear in mind this does not require us to be acquainted! I am always interested in meeting new people, as it increases the likelihood of learning something new today.

Thank you very much in advance!
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[The sound of someone fumbling with the comm can be heard at first soon followed by a very confused Kenzi.]


No, seriously.  What?

[There's a bit of a pause and the sound of her...sloshing around?  She no longer sounds confused by rather annoyed.]

This is all just rudeMy boots are so ruined...

[More sloshing as she drags herself out of whatever very muddy bit of water she found herself in.  There's a bit incoherent grumbling as she fights against the mud that's trying to suck her in.]

Now...where the hell am I?  [Because she certainly doesn't know.  If she's in or near the City she certainly can't tell that much.  In reality, she got drop off in the shallow water of a very muddy lake somewhere outside the City.  She's still close enough that someone could go out and get her, or she could fly back on her own, but not actually within the City.]
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[Hello, City! I see you've had an influx of psychiatrists over the past few weeks. Well, finally you get to meet the sane one.

Currently Alana doesn't feel very sane, given the rundown the Porter's just given her. But rather than start a debate about the philosophy of multiple universes, she's going to be practical about this.]

Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a quick meal close to 9th and 52nd? If I have to deal with a new universe I'd rather do so on a full stomach.

[An hour or two later, after she's eaten, recovered a bit more sanity, and presumably met a few people, Alana's back on the network. The lack of background noise indicates she's made her way to her MAC apartment.]

Now I'm a little more certain that I'm not dreaming all of this, hi- I'm Alana Bloom and I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, in a world that isn't quite so super-powered as this one. [Pause, quick laugh.] I guess my brothers were right. If I'd read more comics growing up I might feel more comfortable here.

I want to thank everyone who's contacted me so far. I really appreciate all the help and advice you've given. I'd also like to ask how employment works for us here as imports. Back home I'm a registered psychiatrist, but I'm not sure if that's a trans-dimensional qualification.

[She takes a deep, steadying breath.] Thanks again, really.
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guys. it's almost a week into October.

what are you going to be for Halloween?
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So, generally speaking, if it's been at least a week, someone's probably not coming back, right? I mean, if things they set up to happen if they leave permanently kick in, that means they're really gone.

[he heaves a long, dejected sigh]

I know there's been a rash lately. Helena Wayne is one of 'em. I wish it weren't so, she was such a nice woman, smart and well-liked. To the people she cared about...I'm sorry. I miss her already, too, and not just because she wrote my paychecks.

Sure, this puts things with Socrates: Action Detective up in the air, but that's not the worst thing when you're talking about someone who made a life here, made friends and had people they relied on, who just disappears back to their own world. I wanted to take a moment to remember her. She was a great lady.

[another long pause while he looks off to the side]

Though, uh. I wouldn't mind if people wrote letters to the network. I hear fan campaigns can keep a show going sometimes. We were halfway through shooting the second season, I'd hate to disappoint the fans...


Oct. 3rd, 2013 07:05 pm
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[He's still at the school doing teacher things, but he's taking a break for something very important]

Um, hello. I was thinking about the clubs the school has here and then I thought "why limit it to the school." You see, fall is coming up, well, it's technically here, and that means migration. Birds. See I've always had a-a slight fascination with our avian friends and this time of year is one of my favorites.

[Nervously he pulls his glasses up. Is this a silly topic? Surely he can't be the only one interested in bird]

I-I was thinking of forming a little, informal group of bird watchers. No mandatory activities or fees, just a group of people who get together to watch the fall migration.

Early mornings are best. I suppose I could set up one of those websites with locations we could visit...

But, um, if you'd like to join my group I really would love to have company.

xiv | voice

Oct. 3rd, 2013 09:12 pm
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This is probably a strange question, ah... is anyone familiar with the procedure for guardianship? If anyone does, I would appreciate a moment of your time. Thank you.

[ He clears his throat, trying to hide the slight embarrassment in his voice. ]


( ooc: due to the limit on filters, even if your character is friends with gil and wasn't mentioned above you can still comment and he'll likely invite them. he's just shy with some folk!! also, sharon/[personal profile] auntyquated will be replying in here as well. )

o1 - video

Oct. 2nd, 2013 04:37 pm
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[ The picture is not entirely clear; the communicator's being held at an angle, displaying more of the person holding it's shirt collar -- an open-necked blue-green affair -- and his chin. He doesn't seem entirely preoccupied with holding it correctly, nor does he seem to address anyone directly even though his muttering is obviously not just at himself. ]

... Interesting.

[ Then, more obviously addressing the communicator, most notably because he adjusts it slightly to get a bit more of his face in: ]

There a point to all this? An exercise in ego for all those that'd do good, one of redemption for those that've been a little bad? Have to say it's nice that they're at least covering all the bases. Equal opportunity... always goes over well. Typical "hero" stories, you know, can't have them with just one sort of protagonist.

Just got to wonder what's the price, what's the catch. Why do it? Why believe in it?

[ Hello everyone are you real. He waggles his fingers over where he assumes the camera is in a wave. ]

So. How's it going?
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[A light clearing of his throat, the sound of a man who thinks highly of his own voice.]

I won’t humor the usual antics, desperately claiming a psychological breakdown -- and one complete with elaborate delusions! This can’t be defined as mild material, in terms of one's mental perception. I'd have to be highly schizophrenic, what the layman might call a raving lunatic -- and we know that isn't the case. I know that isn't the case.

[He clears his throat again, wishing he could wash out the slight whine in his voice.]

Come now, let's be reasonable. I have pressing matters back home -- I'm the Chief of Staff at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. The Baltimore State Hospital! For the Criminally Insane. [A beat.] You do still have a Baltimore here, yes? I've skimmed your preposterous Network albeit briefly, but not many people seem concerned about Maryland. [The next few words he speaks come dryly, as if he comes from a tristate region where his state is routinely ignored:] Hence why it took some persuasion, to believe this was some sort of "novel universe".

[The audible exhale overheard seems strained, as if perhaps he’s adjusting his tie quite unnecessarily.]

If I may continue? Despite your alleged superheroics and the, ah, interesting geographical edits, there are quite a lot of rather uncanny similarities. Between this world and mine, rather. Doesn't that make you wonder -- whose world is the right one? Oh, you know, "right" one, the original. Which of you are derivatives?

Funny thing to ask.
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[There's a small, concerned grunt. He doesn't like using this method to get answers... but he feels he has no choice. Piccolo speaks up]

Has anyone seen Kenzi?

[He lets out a breath]

She... hasn't been home and she's not at her usual places.

Gil, is she with you?


Oct. 1st, 2013 12:28 am
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[ The video opens up to a humble little scene: a plush chair pulled up behind a table, which has two tall-stemmed glasses settled upon it. As Kirei steps into view, he has a bottle of wine in his hands to fill those very glasses. He addresses the camera as he unwraps the foil from the bottle's neck. ]

In my world, there is something known as the Holy Grail War.

[ It's something that shouldn't be spoken of so openly, but we're not in Fuyuki anymore, so what's the harm? Rin may surely scold him, but he's not concerned.

In fact, Kirei looks oddly uncaring in general -- and in the carefree sort of way, not the usually deadpan kind. Something has him in a pleasant mood. The foil is removed, crumpled neatly in his hand and tossed offscreen, into some unseen disposal. That done, he collects a corkscrew from the tabletop.

Seven mages, who are known as Masters, summon seven Heroic Spirits, known as Servants, and do battle. They fight for the Holy Grail itself, which grants any wish that your heart may desire.

[ That last bit isn't so much that truth, but we'll omit that detail. ]

The exact makings of a Heroic Spirit are not so difficult to define; they are figures of history and myth, so revered for their might and their sacrifices that they become legend. Their name, and their history, are a story that has survived through years, and that gives them power.

That is what I imagine, when the Porter refers to those summoned here as 'Hero.'

[ After some careful handling, the cork comes free with a satisfying pop, and he begins to fill both glasses with a very red wine. Once that's done, he pushes one glass closer to the camera: for you, Network! ]

However, that leaves a question: for what reason does Lachesis summon so many to this City? [ Kirei steps around the table, settling down into that plush chair with his wine in hand. ] And what seats you among the worthy?

What wish would you risk your life for, Hero?

[ Kirei smiles, raises his glass, and takes a drink. ]
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So, apparently all the little pieces are coming together.

So much so, that it got some of us thinking, in particular Dr. Solus. Now, the thing about it, is that he's a bit busy at the moment, but he wanted me to share what we found out. [ A pause. He doesn't necessarily agree, but hey, information at a cost is information. ]

I'm sure the subject of Dr. Townsend was a bit of a surprise, when we figured out that this, well, interesting fellow had some interesting ideas, didn't he? Obviously, Vulcanus thought so, or else they wouldn't have invested into it so readily. Conspiracy theories always have an interesting twist to them, they're always grounded in a seed of truth, even if sometimes that gets buried.

So anyway, back on topic. I'm afraid the good doctor is unavailable at this time, ensuring that our sources are taken care of, and all of that. You see, our Dr. Townsey helped out Vulcanus in a big way. The source Dr. Solus found was a professor of quantum physics, and she had a theory about interdimensional travel. See, there's a funny thing about travel between planes, I'm starting to think, and that's that it doesn't always work the same way. Where I come from, after all, it's not exactly a big deal. In others, it's unthinkable, but it's still something that could happen. Anyway, our professor was trying to transport items, organic beings between planes, but it wasn't going well.

That is, apparently, until Dr. Townsey fell into the mix. Apparently, Vulcanus was drawing froma multitude of sources, when they pulled this together. The problem was power. Which, generally, is a pretty big problem. You require a lot of energy to move from one to another, and apparently, they didn't think asking some of us was a good idea. Rightfully so, of course. Not just any power, though, gravitational force. [ He has his own theories about that, based on the research, but only tech people care about that, right? There's a soft click, like the sound of a tongue against the inside of his mouth, thoughtful. ]

Anyway, the rabbit hole's getting a bit deeper, isn't it? Understanding the how is the key to understanding the rest of this. I can make deductions, but the more important thing is that we stop their attempts. Vulcanus can keep working all they want at this, and they obviously have the resources, so we'll need to take this a step further.

But, at least, now we can have an idea of where to go from here. There aren't many ways that they can do this and stay hidden, I'd think.

§ 061.

Sep. 30th, 2013 11:58 pm
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This isn't the first time it's happened, obviously, but with the departure of the most recent headmaster of the Institute, there has been a shift in the hierarchy of the faculty once more. Classes will continue, of course.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the new headmaster. I'm sure he will be delighted to help you. [a.k.a. "i ain't dealin with no counciling shit"]


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