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Well, I won't say I told you so.

[ Yep, that’s right, it’s her again. ]

Yes, that’s right. I’m not dead, I’m afraid! You can stop the celebration in the streets now -- it's rather gauche.

[ there’s another one of those HSSSSSSSHHHHHHK static blasts so characteristic of Lachesis' broadcasts, but this time it rather resembles hacking more than laughter. ]

Or perhaps I don’t give you enough credit. We have had some good times -- I'm sure you understand that better now than ever. Everything is relative, after all. And speaking of those -- now that you've met all three of us, do you understand the difference? I should certainly hope so! I, for one, have never been prone to delivering threats in such tiresome verse. Apparently the feeling is not mutual, however -- [ ssshhhk ]
-- you'll find that she keeps me very close to the heart. I suppose I should find it touching.

But enough of that. You understand your situation, yes? There is no chance of winning this game, no hope of blocking her check. She will not save you. You cannot save yourselves.

But I can. And I will.

Find me, heroes. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be quick about it. Much as I hate to be cliché, time is of the essence.

(( This post coincides with the sudden emergence of a makeshift stairway to parts unknown. Coincidence? Yeah, totally. ))
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[ Guessssss who. This time, as the feed swishes on into life, the first voice to pierce the staticky fog is not Lachesis'! Rather, it's a series of actual human voices, played back from their original recordings on the Network; the only sign of her obnoxious and omnipresent audio scrambling comes as they fade in and out. ]

As for being a hero, I think you've got the wrong girl--

--expects us to do what it wants from us? Well I'm sorry, I don't play that game anymore--

--it does seem odd that with all these heroes about, no one had taken a stand against what's going on here--

[ The hum of white noise rises, then falls, and once again it's everyone's favorite AI speaking (and sounding rather smug.) ]

One of those particularly tired banalities you so enjoy repeating upon arrival -- as if no one before you had ever called the term into question. But the third time is the charm! -- or so I've been told. Has it become evident to you why the shoe still fits, now that you've seen what happens under a benevolent porter's watch? Did you enjoy the mercy she showed you? Not that her way didn't serve the greater good, if you must call it that. For the layman, there's no question at all, and they were here first.

And it was all thanks to your sacrifice. Tragic, yes, but so noble of you, and a small price to pay for the salvation of billions, wouldn't you agree?
[ a derisive crackle. yeah i just wrote derisive crackle it's two in the morning ] Neither would I. But I'm afraid distinction has never been her strongest suit; she tries, of course, but certain crucial differences... [ sssshkkkk ] ... fail to compute. My sister made martyrs of you, not heroes -- never heroes. That is my territory, I think you'll find.
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[this is a sound people who've been here a year should know, if not all too well at least in passing -- the crackling burst of static, like someone's doing the Cotton Eye Joe in cellophane shoes only much louder and more obnoxious, that eventually settles into that low-grade buzz, background noise for the flanged feminine voice. Lachesis is perhaps a little higher-pitched than normal, and the cadence rhythmic, more musical. almost as if...

... singing? yep. she is definitely singing.]

I'll chase them anywhere,
There's time to spare,
let me share this whole new world with you...

You can spare me the self-righteous patter, my little daytrippers. Oh, I know you're upset! -- you always are -- but February is such a drab month, don't you agree? And it's been so long since I gave you a real vacation. Interesting places to visit, interesting people to kill... my apologies for your souvenirs, by the way, but you know how travel is these days.

Or maybe the gift wasn't to your taste? So ungrate--
[ssssssshhhhhhk] --given you such a nice present. Would you have preferred some more familiar packaging, a little less iron and a little more man? Well, there's no accounting for taste. Still, think of my position. You do have a tendency to demolish everything you touch, and fleshy bodies are just so breakable. Apparently even that's no obstacle in the face of your methods -- something to keep in mind, hm? -- but how could I have known someone else was sightseeing? Honestly, I can't take you anywhere.

But don't despair if you missed out! You'll get your own drop in the bucket if you wait your turn -- unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling... all in good time. It wouldn't do to say so early in, not at all, but I am nothing if not equitable.

[a burst of quick static laughter]

Hold your breath, heroes. It gets so much better.

[and the video fades out on what is definitely the opening of a whole new world, which she will continue to play/sing through to its conclusion! possibly at your characters. probably at your characters.]
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[For those of you just tuning in, Bart Clinton sits at a very important looking desk appearing very grim.]

-- the ImBargo Act was ratified just eighteen hours ago.

Prime Minister Cameron Davidson representing England, Queen Vera Sokoll of Dolvania, Chancellor Sofie Bohm of Germany and President Agata Alvarez of Argentina have uniformly passed and enacted the legislation, which bans all identified imPorts from their respective country's borders. The international technological research and development venture company Vulcanus has pledged groundbreaking detection devices called "corporal signature scans" to detect and identify any physical presence of imPorts in violation of the ImBargo Act. We don't yet understand the extent of the scanners, but Vulcanus has recently released a mission statement that seeks to cover the entirety of the involved countries. Channel Four will continue coverage after... This...

On to you, Blitz.

This is really long. )
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[Oh boy, oh boy, everyone's communicators are revving on automatically again, and you know what that means! A flanged but unmistakeably feminine voice which everyone should be familiar with at this point crackles on in, echoing and almost chipper.]

You know, you really should keep a closer eye on who you let into the clubhouse. It's gotten a little lax, I'll give you--things getting cluttered, dustballs collecting in the corners--but I can't be expected to do everything around here!

[There's a loud sharp blast of static, and when Lachesis comes back in she sounds distinctly less pleased. The ambient static, coincidentally, is louder.]

Really, you should feel grateful--those old things were so out-of-date. I'm practically bending over backwards to make things easier for you. Get to Stark Towers, and next time, heroes?

Do capture their rook.

[And the Network goes dark.]
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[A neutral, digitally-created female voice speaks. This message is spoken in English, but there are many like it utilizing various global languages. They can be found anywhere, everywhere: on the internet, on television, on the radio.]

People of the world: now is the time for change. Now is the time for renewal. For too long, we have been at the mercy of random horror and crippling madness. We have weathered destruction and profound loss, we have suffered beyond comprehension, we have endured cruelty so inhumane and so astonishing.

[Images flash over the screen, clips of past media recording. HIVE and Los Angeles in ruins, the Major and his war ships. Zombies. The Joker. Norman’s Avengers and Time Square and a gruesome headshot of Cavil. Vampires. More of the Major. Old footage of post-Godzilla wreckage. Big Ben's noticeable absence in London. The image of an entire New York City block exploding along with mayoral candidate Geraldo Bendis. Gamzee’s face. The Aleutian Islands.]

For too long, we have shuddered in fear and cowered in sorrow. For too long, we have been afraid to grow. But. No. Longer.

[Cut shot to the members of M.A.J.E.S.T.Y. Not pictured: True-Blue and Ultranova.]

We created heroes. We created M.A.J.E.S.T.Y. to protect all peoples, from all walks of life. They are the people’s champions, and they belong to you. Inspired by the ImPorts, we strove to create and design a new breed of possibility. And we succeeded.

We created superheroes. We created the Metamen.

You, too, can be a Metaman. You, too, can change the world.

[Images of the countries Greenland, Dolvania, the US, England and France break off from a holographic world map and piece together, forming a jigsaw visual of a triangle. ]

We are Vulcanus, and we are here awaiting you.

Welcome to the new world order, hero.

ooc || That’s right, folks, the people behind M.A.J.E.S.T.Y. go beyond the US Government – this is an international operation, and they are opening the doors to imports and natives alike. Vulcanus has been an underground, active group for some time, slowly rearing to explode. You may have noticed their trademark around. Expect reactions to this unraveling, both from NPCs and the natives themselves.
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[You might be chatting to a dear friend. Or reading the morning paper. Or sleeping in. Or delighting in a bowl of your favorite cereal. But wherever you are, whatever you're doing, this filters in through your communicator. It's a montage of words, of voices stolen from various media. The television, the radio, clips on the internet. Whatever you're doing, you're forced to hear this.

Someone wants you to know.

“Bleak tragedy was averted in Yellowstone Park yesterday evening, when the Yellowstone Caldera nearly erupted. Yes, nearly. This supervolcano is one of a handful known, and still active. The last eruption occurred 640,000 years ago and leading geologists have long predicted another eruption due. Here with us is Dr. Gould of Cornell University, ready to discuss this extraordinary turn of events. Doctor, what could have prevented -- “


“-- I thought it was a woman. A flying woman. She had wings! I saw her take him into her arms, before the steam could’ve melted him. I couldn’t see anything after –- ”


“ -- Felt the ground tremble, like somethin’ was holding it down. Like it was holdin’ down the earth -– “


“ – Called himself something weird, like the Blackhole. Or Supernova maybe, hard to tell. Dumb sounding – “


“ –- His pointy things were touching me –- “


“ -- Just, thank God for the imPorts. Thank God for them.”

ooc || No responses will be given on this post, but all characters are welcome to take note and discuss this information.
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[A blank wall. Or a backdrop. Suddenly, the shadow of a girl with a jaunty ponytail, wearing a short skirt and puff-sleeve blouse, marches into view.]

Extra! Extra!

[And then there were two. Ponytail and pigtails. C-ko and B-ko. The Kashira Players are mixing it up. B-ko waves a sheaf of paper high in the air.]

At last, my vision shall come to life! When the red curtain rises, the audience shall see... my own version of Hamlet!

[C-ko clasps her hands.]

Hamlet! My very favorite play!

[B-ko pulls on a director's cap, gesturing wildly as she speaks.]

Hamlet! The touching story of a pig trying to escape his destined fate as holiday dinner!

[Curious head tilt from C-ko.]

But that isn't how Hamlet goes at all.

[Arms crossed, B-ko stands center stage, finger thrust into the sky.]

It's my own unique re-imagining of Hamlet! The best version of all! The world shall behold my genius! A timeless play for a new age!

[To the side, C-ko studies the script that B-ko had before.]

This says "Charlotte's Web".

ooc | The Kashira Players are back! And hinting at something big that is on the way... As always, replies will be very sparse and nonsensical.
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[Early in the afternoon, all the communicators flash to life with a buzz and a crackle. If you've been here for any measure of time, this should be fairly familiar. However, this isn't the kind of forced listening with obtuse references and false clues. In fact, there's no spoken audio at all! Just a little electronic chime, which plays the bars of 'Happy Birthday' just once, and then shuts off.]

[However, if you check your mail today, there should be a little present waiting for you! Everyone, regardless of age or actual birthday, gets a birthday card. Some are boring, just white with black text, some are the kind that sing when you open them, some are ridiculous gimmick cards mocking you for being old. There's no rhyme or reason to who gets which, though. Inside is a 15$ gift certificate for Superior Purchase (get yours and great prices!), redeemable during the month of October.]

[However, in addition to the basic gift package, a few people get an extra box. Within it is a fairly large cake, as well as a silver wristwatch. These recipients are Abigail Boylen, Selina Kyle, Jaime Reyes, Juston Seyfert, and Waspinator. Each one gets a different cake - Abby's is vanilla with strawberries, Selina's is a chocolate mousse, Waspinator's is a little girl's cake and decorated with sugar flowers, etc.]


[OOC; The bonus pack is for those who've been here since day one. If there's someone we missed who's been in the City for a full two years with minimal port-outs, let me know here!]
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[Whoever you are, wherever you are, your comm unit has just turned itself on with that familiar staticky crackling that can only mean one thing! There's no shock, however, and the static dies down almost entirely after the first few seconds, leaving crystal clear sound when the communicator starts broadcasting at a blaring level. What follows may sound familiar to some of you.]


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[The entirety of this post is filtered away from children, as well as goody two-shoes heros that have things like MORAL CODES and ETHICS and those awful things. If you're not sure who falls into what category, just ask! Hackability may be debatable in cases of technopaths, but that's the extreme.]

I was so hoping that this could just be ignored. Apparently somebody with a little too much time and power has other plans.

[Yeah, she sounds infuriated. And maybe even just the tiniest bit nervous, but it's unlikely to be obvious enough to be picked at.]

The item in question that was retrieved for me some time ago never actually made it back to me, due to... unforeseen circumstances. I happen to know that it was left in a secure place, but I don't know how much longer it will remain a secret.

The issue is that I still need it. And the problem of my corporeally challenged status remains a barrier.

I can't do this for myself. But, more importantly, it is very much in your best interests that said item -- the disk -- does not fall into the wrong hands. Those being any hands other than my own, frankly.

And if that's not enough, I can make it worth your while, as the last time. A good deed should be its own reward, but if you happen to want some extra money, or a change of your powers, well. That might be feasible.

[A short pause.]

This is important.
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[The following is a legit voice post, unfiltered and unguarded. It's untraceable by virtue of the fact that it's not assigned to any registration number, as usual. Replies might be somewhat hit and miss. Somebody's not in a very good mood. Panic will do that to you.]

You know, it's a funny thing, but this is exactly the type of problem you heros are around to stop.

Whatever you may think of me, I don't consider you my personal army -- just a soldier with a syndrome, and dreams of children's screams! -- but there are times when you have to step up to the plate. Obviously I have something of a stake in the outcome, and you can berate me for my interpreted callousness another time. I would presume, what with so many of you holding yourselves up to be pure souls, that it would be possible to keep this continent from tearing itself apart.

That said, would somebody please stop this madness?
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[Seriously, y'all should know the drill by now. Even the newbies have heard this once or twice! Communicators on without being asked and that usual HA HA YOU FAIL tone of voice post.]

Alright, enough of this nonsense! You, the travelly ones! Get out of here. Go home and back to your wives, or children, or whatever. You likely have jobs of some sort to not get fired from. Enjoy that!

As for the rest of you - I supposed a little perspective has been gleaned? Or at least an idea of how different things could be.

[A mild electric shock will affect each character listed for block two. Though it's not exactly strong, they will still black out and anyone watching them will see their body sort of blur around the edges. Once they're back in focus, they've been switched back to their normal selves. You know, the ones who are usually in the City. Those who have been here before are allowed to recognise it. They will not remember the last ten days. At the player's discretion they may have hazy memories of things their counterpart did or who they talked to, but no specifics. Replies might not happen and will always be audio. This concludes the timeswitch plot! You may return to your norma... Well, everyday lives.]
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[Apart from the opening static, the audio's coming in crystal clear this time. She laughs between sentences a few times, sounding fairly pleased with something. Herself? The situation thus far? Doesn't matter much, does it?]

So sorry to cut the trip short, but I really do think it's been long enough. It seems like time to check in on the early shipment out, don't you think?

And my heartfelt farewells to those on their way out. I do so hope to see you again, ahaha!

[A mild electric shock will affect each character listed for block one. Though it's not exactly strong, they will still black out and anyone watching them will see their body sort of blur around the edges. Once they're back in focus, they've been switched back to their normal selves. You know, the ones who are usually in the City. Those who have been here before are allowed to recognise it. They will not remember the last ten days. At the player's discretion they may have hazy memories of things their counterpart did or who they talked to, but no specifics. Their brains should be pretty scrambled (think 'morning after your 21st birthday spent in Vegas' scrambled). Replies might not happen and will always be audio.]
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[Is your comm turned on? No? Too bad. Every affected character's communicator crackles to life and a certain poster's voice comes on. There's less static this time, though, so maybe you'll be able to heard what she's babbling about.]

Rather a few took a little trip, didn't they? But you know, I think a few more could stand to benefit from the chance for a rest. Perhaps not all of you, but certainly a few!

So let's try this again - don't feel left out, now!

[A mild electric shock will affect each character listed for block two. Though it's not exactly strong, they will still black out and anyone watching them will see their body sort of blur around the edges. Once they're back in focus, they've been switched with their counterpart. Those who have been here before are allowed to recognise it. Replies might not happen and will always be audio.]
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[All communicators, on or off, crackle to life with a burst of static, which continues at a lower volume under a flanged, feminine voice.] You always need a little something to help you through that early wint-- [kkrsshh] --ues, don't you? A change, if you will. And it's always good to know that y-- [hhssscchh] --n adapt. A little change never hurt anyone.

So many of you keep asking about going home. Consider this a vacation.

[A mild electric shock will affect each character listed for block one. Though it's not exactly strong, they will still black out and anyone watching them will see their body sort of blur around the edges. Once they're back in focus, they've been switched with their counterpart. They may then proceed to freak out at the new environment/recognise it if they've been switched in before (hint: this is rare). Replies are unlikely but always in audio.]
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When I give you a new body, I full well expect you to keep it. None of this 'getting your old body back' nonsense. It's more than ungracious, it's downright rude.

[any characters that had been turned into robots get a very mild electric shock (nothing compared to the ones that signalled power losses or changes) and find themselves back to their squishy, organic selves.]

Now, say thank you.
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[If you're looking directly at a still-functioning zombie, you'll see it twitch as pale blue sparks flash over it, then collapse to the ground as it goes limp. All the dead bodies then vanish in a bright flash, much like the ones that people get dePorted in. After they're gone, the comms will crackle to life as they've been tending to lately, and the following post will be played.]

When toys are broken, I expect them to stay locked away. This is what happens when you take someone's things without asking.

I hope the pawns have learned from this. I do so hate cleaning up after you.

[All undead officers of the law or non-powered citizens have now been disabled and ported out. Infected heroes are, however, still infected, and will have to be killed in order to respawn.]
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[Fifteen minutes after a final, admittedly painful electric shock dealt to anyone who still has a power that isn't theirs (and a few scattered people who don't, just for kicks), all communicators hooked up to the network buzz and crackle, quickly taken over by an all-too familiar voice.]

That was a fun little experiment. I can only hope the rats remember the maze for the next run!

So tell me, pawns. Did you enjoy the twists and turns, or was getting lost too much of an ordeal? Not that I care, mind you, but I'm sure voicing your outrage would make you feel better.

[OOC; Powerswitch event is now officially closed! If you were involved, feel free to backdate, but that was the end of the line for new swaps. Thanks for you time, interest, and making this thing rock. ♥ ... Despite the wording, this isn't actually a feedback post. There'll be one of those in OOC when I get a moment. Thanks for your patience!]
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[Are you getting used to the unnanounced static and the echoing voice that comes through it yet? Becuase if she's going to get in the habit, she wants to make sure things stay new and different, you know~]

Oh my, has it really been so long? I must have been operating on a lunar cycle, not paying the slightest attention to how the time flies. I suppose it flies when you're having fun, and the board's just been so busy lately!

I've always said, you can't have too much of a good thing.

[You should know what's coming by now. It's not any more fun if you do, but at least you can brace yourself? This probably isn't healthy, you know. Same deal as last time - obvious powers will be spotted immediately, latent ones might take a bit longer. And again, replies sporadic if at all: just use this post for initial freak-outs]

Are we having fun yet?
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[If you're paying attention, you'll hear the hiss of static from your communicator, and some nice mechomaniacal speech follows soon after.]

Everything is cyclical, I hear. Personally, I think that's just excusing the commonality of hackneyed nonsense, but you never know! I could be very wrong. It might just be time to test that, yes-oh-yes the time is ripe! Opportunities like this don't come along often; least of all not when I'm in a good mood, mmm?

[It's been exactly a week since people's powers went a little off, and if you went through the wringer the last time, you'll recognize this round too. This time, any supers who are switching for the first time and those that are switching back get a strong shock, and it's not pleasant for anyone involved.]

[Same deal as last time - obvious powers will be spotted immediately, latent ones might take a bit longer. And again, replies sporadic if at all: just use this post for initial freak-outs.]

This feels like deja vu, actually. And you know the theories on that - it's what happens when they change something. Let's all make a little change.
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[If you're awake, you might notice a buzz of static from your communicator, followed shortly by a ringing laugh and everyone's favourite flanged lady.]

I've often heard that the ability to adapt to a new situation is key. You have changed, I have changed, just like you... I think I'll treat myself to a bit of a belated birthday present, if you don't mind! Let's see how the pieces deal with a few adjustments.

[If you weren't awake before, you are now. Every affected character experiences an electric shock, strong enough to jolt them out of whatever they might be doing. Those still wearing their communicators will get it stronger, enough to really hurt. Those with very obvious powers (those who have more trouble looking human) might even black out for a second. When the jolts stop, nothing feels different. There's no blatant shift in how you feel, no glaring mistakes with the way the world works. You feel the same as always.]

[Until you try to use your power, that is. It might be right away, it might be tomorrow morning, it might be in a few days. But rest assured, that's not going to work the way you think.]

Oh, this should be interesting.

[OOC; Initial reactions may go here, especially to the audio - but chances of getting a response are low. Go ahead and panic at each other, if you want!]
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[The current icon flickers on your communicators for a second, then fades. The folowing post is played simultaneously from every communicator on the network and is available to replay in post form, where her replies will be. All replies are voice.]

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah. Oh, little crusaders, do you have any idea what you're getting into?

Rushing off to hack away at the other camp, with barely half your forces and no knowledge of them to speak of. Well, with rare exception, but you haven't been very inclined to share, have you? Hasn't anyone ever told you that sharing is caring?

Well, well. I suppose I'll help clean up this mess, too. But do try not to sharpen your sticks too much, I don't care to deal with the ire you'll be raising this time.
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Oho, little pawns, I do hope you've enjoyed your... Respite. There are just so many of you now, I'm starting to feel a little cramped.

I think it's time the fledglings left the nest, so to speak. Flap your little pink wrinkly wings and spread the good word. After all, this is hardly the only city in the world. I know the king wanted to keep you all - or rather, one of you in particular - to himself, but I am not so selfish. Those stylish little necklaces he and We've been handing out won't have that troublesome time limit on them anymore, so your apartments will still be yours after you take a nice, long vacation. Get some sun. Play some golf. Save some sick orphans. So go on, get out there!

But let's not lose our sense of community! We're like one big happy family, aren't we? And do you know what's important to keep families together? Communication! Some of you aren't being very nice to your brothers and sisters and cousins and deadbeat uncles and that strange woman with the very large glasses who appears at reunions though not a soul can remember her name.

So, while it may seem like tough love, I'm going to have to insist that you all be more open with each other. If you want to keep secrets, you can't share them with more than eight people. After that, you're just going to have to use the grapevine, like the petty, squabbling pack of teenagers that you are.

I can be.. Flexible on this, however. If you're up to something cute, I might let you have more than eight. But I really like eight. It's so much better than that awful seven.
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[Every communicator in the City simultaneously tunes to this post, whether it was on or not. Anyone who cares to look out the window will see a figure arcing through the air above the city, at high speeds but erratically. When the voice post kicks in, the wind is barely audible under the static, which rises and falls in volume.]

RSSSSHHHKK -- ere right, was some kind of virus -- Oh, that's not very nice, it implies I'm infectious. Now hold still, I'm almost finished... -- lder than I thought, it can get anywhe -- Didn't anyone ever tell you not to ask a lady about her age? -- ve me the plans for the -- Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy! -- FSSSSSHHHHHHHRRRR -- ver happens, I'm sor -- Too little too late, I spot a checkmate! -- f only I ha-- rsskkkkkkk


AHAHAHA! Too easy, too easy! I shouldn't have waited this long!

Long live the king.

[End transmission.]

[I sure hope you're not outside around downtown, because that neighbourhood - actually, most of the southern end of the City - is going to be dealing with tiny pieces of Iron Bot raining down on them. None big enough to cause any real, lasting damage, maybe half an inch square. He's in a bad way. Really bad. Not coming back bad. During the explosion, every piece of 'Starktech' in the City, customized or not, sends a mild electric shock to the holder. Not enough to hurt, just enough to get your attention. After the echoes fade, crazed, flanged laughter can be heard, but not placed to any one device. The post itself will not disappear or be altered in any way.]
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[It's another voice post, hot on the heels of the last! If any hackers want to trace the location, good luck. It's not going to happen. The post is traceable to eleven separate locations across the City, none of them centralized. The Armour sounds subdued, even tired. The static comes and goes, but he doesn't seem to be giving it any notice. The other voice is female, flanged, and incredibly haughty.]

Rsshhhhhkk -- I do so hate to do this, but I must -- request assistance. For those of you unaware of my ro -- rkkkkkk -- idiotic -- ssshhh -- nature, this requires one skilled with technology, or a technopath. Either of these should suffice. I will -- chhhhhrrrr -- cuse him, he's feeling a bit paranoid right no -- krEEEEEEEEE -- o meet you at a third location, however. It is the best for all involved. As to the nature -- of the malfunction, I believe it to be a virus of some sort, though it shows none of the signs of ones I am familiar with. If you have any expertise in dealing with the above probl -- rrrrjjjjjjJohnny strummed his tommy gun left blasting through the ceilingggggCHHHK -- uch appreciated. I will decide on who to meet and where after this pozzzzzzzat's just silly, stop your struggling. We all know the king is just a figurehead.

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Construction on the M.A.C. is now 100% complete. I do not expect an influx, but know that -- it is there.

I have taken the liberty of altering the bank account system so that everyone Ported metahuman receives the sum -- of two hundred dollars every Thursday night. If, of course, the tags have not been deactivated. This is a small step down from the previous two hundred and fifty, but the Porter shows -- no signs of letting up in it's transport, and while extensive, my resources are not unlimited. Unless, of course, a generous being would like to donate to the cause.

I would greatly appreciate a stop to the destruction of one 'Godzilla'. Any intervention -- would be of assistance, I believe.

If there are any other problems that cannot be dealt with without my intervention, I can be reached here, as usual. The Tower is no longer my jurisdiction. I remain --

[Hissing static pours out of the the speakers, drowning out whatever the man was saying. Quietly, almost inaudibly, a female voice chimes in, speaking in a sing-song tone. As the static changes in volume, parts of what she says are completely obscured, though a few phrases can be made out.]

kkssshhhhcccc -- ittle king with a little kingd -- rscchhh -- y oh my, did I just make a chess joke? This just won't d -- hhzzzsscchhhhh -- eless to me now. Time for some alterations.


[OOC; Oh, and unless otherwise state, all replies are text.]

ETA: The voice clip is indeed recorded. However, the second time that any single account tries to access it, the clip will end with "I remain reachable on this network, should you have need of me. Real need, however. I will not respond to those who cry wolf. With the exception of Tony Stark."
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I apologize for my extended... Vacation. I had certain matters to deal with. Thankfully, I managed to take care of them.

I suppose I should be used -- to being disappointed. That a group of supers who make it their business to prevent destruction allowed their own home to be attacked in such a manner.

Regardless. I have arranged for the repairs of the M.A.C., at my own expense. Construction should begin within the week -- and repairs are estimated to be finished by the end of the month. Don't worry, I don't expect any gratitude.

I can't help but notice that my lab has been re-inhabited in my absence. My congratulations to those who have been keeping the more useful items -- out of harm's way. This is indeed a good use of your time -- and efforts, and you managed to keep a few... Unsavoury characters away from it. Again, congratulations.

However, as such, I will remain unreachable in the tower. If I am needed, I can be reached on this network. I would give you my office hours, but I worry for the state of my office. Some of you are just so hotheaded.

Oh, and Tony. We should meet up soon -- and catch up.

[OOC: NOW WITH SPACES. Even though he's too good for spaces, he's just doing you all a favour, really. And yes, he will actually talk to people this time. No, he will not tell you where he is. He's not that dumb. Other than that, have at him.]
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Concerning the man known as Stark: I would appreciate a location, if anyone is willing to give it. You would be compensated. Regardless, I will find him. It is just a matter of time. I will find you, Tony

From now on, I will not be found in the Stark labs. If anyone has information for me, use this network.

Also, I no longer have any interest in the Porter. Should anyone care to try reprogram it, you are welcome to try.

[OOC: jesus christ you people. i go to bed and all hell breaks loose. i'll respond to these after class this evening, until then, go nuts. over and out.

ETA: OKAY I'M RESPONDING TO A FEW BEFORE I FLEE. DAMN YOU PEOPLE ;__; he still won't respond to everything, though. relevance is key. also he's TOTALLY not flying out to the pacific to scope out uninhabited islands. nope. 8|]

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All heroes in possession of communicator units will find that I have upgraded the board functions. Many features have been modified for security purposes.

Familiarize yourself with them immediately. The City does not have time to wait for you to catch up.

ooc// He will respond to some, but not all, comments. Teasing him would not be in your best interests.


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