Aug. 8th, 2012 11:05 pm
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[ someone’s looking a lot less composed than he did the last time he posted on the network. Alex just found out that Rachel Grey is gone from the City, possibly for good for all he knows, and he’s...not taking it well. ]

Darnit! Rachel’s got a lot of nerve, leaving us her dumb cats when she didn’t even trust us to look after ourselves! What do we know about taking care of animals? Our mom’s allergic! And Rachel didn’t even ask us before she left!!

[ of course, whatever he says, Alex is a lot angrier at himself than he is at Rachel. they’d had a fight over the network, and he never bothered to apologize about it--and now she’s gone. it’s not like Rachel had a choice about leaving or staying, and she probably won’t even remember it later, but Alex still feels like a first-rate jerk about what happened. after all, Rachel had only been trying to help at the time.

unfortunately, Alex is not very good at expressing those sorts of feelings whenever he’s in a bad mood. ...so naturally, he has defaulted to a full-on temper fit instead. ]

Well, I guess that’s her mistake, ’cause I certainly don’t want ’em! They’re not our problem! Find someone else to take Rachel’s dumb pets, Katie, I won’t--

[ suddenly Alex freezes, catching sight of something on his communicator: namely, he forgot to screen the message. it was only meant to be for his sister, not the entire network, but it's obviously too late now. ]

Oh, no. Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t--that wasn’t supposed to be public. And it’s an awful thing to say besides. I’m so sorry.

[ he buries his face in one hand with a groan. perfect, just perfect. great. ]


Jul. 15th, 2012 11:37 pm
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[ there's a pair of thumbs clumsily blocking the camera for a moment, and then a boy's face appears. the kid's barely a teenager, and he looks a little nervous, but he smiles politely for the camera. ]

Looks like it's working. Good. Uhm– [he takes a deep breath, then launches into a clearly-rehearsed speech] –Hi, everyone. My name's Alex Power. Obviously I'm new to this place, but I've already read all those pamphlets they gave us and done some research, so I think I'm mostly caught up on the City and how it works.

[ he smiles wider, though it's a bit forced. ]

It's pretty weird and all, but, my family lives in Manhattan, so I'm kinda used to weird. Superheroes really aren't anything new, ya know? [ he sighs, then catches himself and laughs a bit, awkwardly. ] If my parents were here they'd tell me to try and make the best of it, and that's what I'm going to do. I guess I'm headed to the MAC Building, so...if any of you are living there now, lemme me know if you want to meet up? I don't know anyone here yet.

[ ohgod. being abducted is nothing new, but alex hates being in a weird place without his family. MUST ACT MATURE. ]


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