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[The communicator turns on, showing Boyd sitting comfortably at the desk in his office.]

Everyone I have an announcement that I’d like to make and that affects everyone in our community. As you all know the Porter recently sent back my friend Doctor Topher Brink. Doctor Brink was also the administrator of the Rossum Import Clinic. Since then the staff has done an admirable job of adapting to a difficult situation one I am going to alleviate today. City I’d like to present Mrs. Andromeda Tonks as the new administrator of the Rossum Import Clinic. Mrs. Tonks has years of experience in hospitals in own world and is the best candidate I could find to fill this critical position within our community.

Now with that out of the way I’ll get out of the way and let Mrs. Tonks speak and answer any questions you the community might have. Thank you. Mrs. Tonks?

[Boyd stands up from his chair and leaves the camera’s sight to make room for Andromeda to take his place.]

Ah, yes.

[Try not to look like such a deer in the headlights, Andromeda. You do have years of experience, after all. She slides into view of the camera, flashing a small smile.]

As Mr. Boyd has mentioned, I will be taking over as the administrator of the Import Clinic. It’s my hope that I can keep the clinic running as smoothly as Doctor Brink was able to during his stay in the City. An Import-run clinic is, now more than ever, a place that we can keep safe no matter what the City throws at us.

If there -- are any questions or if you have any suggestions, I’d like to hear them -- now, and in the future.

[There, all right. That wasn’t so bad. She lets the camera run for a moment or two longer, then clicks off the feed.]

((OOC: Blue is Boyd, Green is Andromeda. Feel free to comment here to one or both of them!))
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[She thought about making this a voice post -- but nobody needs to see the familiar walls of the clinic to know that she's there, just from how tired she still sounds. From the looks of things, she's willing to be that there's a large portion of the imPort community here, anyway. She hasn't ventured out of bed yet, but she's asked the other nurses who's around.

She lost a lot of blood and she's looking pretty pale, still. Her right cheek is speckled with tiny cuts and her right shoulder and arm are wrapped and slung.]

My thoughts are with anyone who is suffering through this, and every good person out there looking for the missing even if they don't mean anything to you personally.

I hope everything is starting to get under control by now. I guess I'll finally be taking that short vacation from work that people have been saying I need.

But I'm -- fine, really.

[She can't do much reliably without her wand-arm for a few days, at least, even with whatever potions Snape's managed to salvage. Turns out that a short-range, relatively localized explosive spell can be pretty destructive.

The slight frown on her face shifts to something a little more concerned when she speaks again.]

Even if we're crowded here, if you're hurt -- don't hesitate to come by. We'll find a way.
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[Backdated to shortly after the conclusion of this thread.]

[Andromeda looks just a little shook up, but this is -- at least more like work than some of the other things she's had to deal with in the Wizarding wars. She's had enough sense to change out of her bloody clothes, but she's missed a small smear of the stuff between her chin and her ear.]

This might be too late, but if any of you are planning on doing any travelling alone, I would strongly reconsider. Really, please be careful.

Video weakly encrypted to Damian )

Video weakly encrypted to Nymphadora )
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[She hadn't even really been planning to make a post about this. The City already knows that Sirius is gone, and the people that are really important have already commented -- but she's upset, all right, and sometimes it's nice to have sympathetic ears that you don't know that well comment. Or -- not so sympathetic ears, since it's a public post. She's rubbish at privating things, and with the glitches that are apparently happening (hello, naked man and his sexual partner) she isn't sure what good it would do anyway.

She's outside -- on the roof, it looks like -- smoking a cigarette, not bothering to charm the smoke to stay contained since she's outside. The communicator is apparently suspended in the air somewhere next to Andromeda, because it's giving a neat profile of her. Levitation has to be good for something, right?]

There's really something to be said about knowing what people from your world are going to go home to when they leave this place.

I'd imagine that sometimes it's good, but my luck's never been that great.

[She blows out a long plume of smoke, glancing into the camera before flicking it off. This is really just -- the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.]

If anyone's got any overwhelming good news to share, I'd really love to hear it.
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[Andromeda is surrounded by what looks like a small mountain of gifts. Maybe she went a little overboard this year, but the holidays last year had been dampened by the whole impending doom thing, so she has to make up for it!]

I know that the Weasleys will be having their own holiday party at the nouveau-Burrow, but you know me -- I can't say no to a happy occasion. The Tonks-Lovegood house will also be having a little get-together on Boxing day -- with a potluck-style dinner. I'll be providing the glazed ham, of course, but everyone can bring whatever they desire. Normally I'd say later evening to cover the shopping blitz, but it doesn't seem so much as if that's a huge deal here, so let's go with around five.

Sirius Black, you've got a familial obligation to show for this one, at least for a little while.

Private Video Feed to Dick Grayson )
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[She knows that she's going to catch it for smoking from someone, probably -- but it's late at night, and she's having trouble sleeping. Sue her.]

[Andromeda tilts her head back and exhales up into the air.]

I think I actually forgot what it was like to work until you literally passed out until this past weekend, so I guess I should thank the City for that. And thank you, Severus, for the restoratives.

Anyone that I happened to help shuttle around, I'd -- appreciate an update on how you're doing. Any of you.

[She has to stress that. Dick probably still thinks she was -- some sort of hallucination.]

Am I still fired, Mr. Brink?

[The light is on inside her bedroom, but since she's leaning against the edge of the balcony, she's only dimly lit.]

It's just one bloody thing after another here, isn't it? Everyone acting as strange as they are, on top of everything else people are still recovering's quite rude.
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[The house behind Andromeda looks quite like the typical just-moved-in home. There are boxes and wooden slats behind Andromeda that are neatly stacked, but still crowded -- and the walls, although blindingly clean, are bare for the moment.]

Well! It's been a bit of a whirlwind-week on my part. It's been years since I've even considered buying new furniture - at least big items: chairs, beds, that kind of thing.

[It's liberating in some ways. She feels a bit like she's making a fresher start even than arriving here, since she's going to be living in a house that's owned properly by family and not in some group housing project.]

That got me to wondering about what everyone does to make their new living space really homey. I'm feeling a bit stumped.

[If Ted were still alive, she'd see his messes and clutter as a sign of home. It had taken her weeks to even start cleaning up Ted's rubbish piles once his death had been confirmed.]

Volunteers who can make heads or tails of seemingly-simple diagrams are also welcome, of course.

[She holds up a sheet of paper and jerks her thumb over her shoulder.]

I'm hoping to get to sleep at some point tonight -- which means having an intact bed.
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[She's been laying low for the last week or so after all the adventure with the riots. Things have not apparently been any calmer this week -- she'd gone out today in the midst of everything and tried to help a few injured people, but she suspected she'd missed quite a bit.]

[Andromeda manages to get the camera to work at approximately the same time as the sound.]

I hope everyone is doing all right, considering.

[She manages a slight smile.]

Even though this is probably terrible timing, I think that I'm finally starting to settle in. I've got a terrible craving for chocolate frogs, though.

Has anyone else had cravings for food from home that they can't get here? I'd be curious to hear about them if you feel like sharing.

[She picks up a chocolate bar that she bought from the corner store, breaking off a piece and holding it between her fingers for a moment.]

It's just not the same when it doesn't jump.
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[The video feed clicks on, but the screen is still black. Andromeda's mother-in-law had a camcorder, but nothing so sleek and well-designed as this one -- it takes her a few moments to remember exactly how to work it past 'the little red light should be on'. To people paying attention, she looks like she's just outside the Porter building.]

Merlin's beard, if they made the buttons on this thing any smaller...

[She must have figured the thing out, because there is a clump of black-brown hair obscuring part of the screen. Andromeda pulls back from the screen and takes a breath. She looks -- tired, like she hasn't slept for at least a few nights. That's not inaccurate.]

There we go. You know, I was sure I'd just managed to apparate myself without meaning to, but it turns out that isn't the case. It would figure that I'd survive the war only to have something like this happen, wouldn't it? That's just how things seem to be going lately.

[There's a pause -- she looks off-screen at the dog tags that she set down on her table, frowning. They wouldn't have given her those if she was only meant to be here for a few days, she's relatively sure. That isn't a pleasant thought.]

You know, I really have far too much to -- do to be here. There's Teddy to consider, and...

[Her eyes become glassy quickly and she doesn't bother to look back at the camera. She wants more information about what exactly is going on here, but she doesn't particularly want to be here when there is a baby she needs to take care of at home.]


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