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[It is immediately clear that this is a different post- the video is a splitscreen with the left section showing Doctor Angelica Einsturzen and the right displaying the Major's smiling face. From what little can be seen of their surroundings, they're not in the same room. Both of them are glowing with anticipation. Their grins say that something bad is about to happen.]

Hello there, City! It's time to play a game!

[ Angelica's own smile is mild, sweet, and just a bit too full of sharp teeth.]

It's a game we're both very fond of, isn't it, Major? [ The smile grows at the edges. ] And we want to share it with all of you.

Quite right, Doctor! The game is called 'war.' My very favourite, as many of you know!

[The Major's thickly-accented voice is even more filled with crazed enthusiasm than usual. He holds up his hands, gloved fingers hooking at the air.]

The goal is quite simple, really. My good friend the Doctor and I are going to do our very best to kill one another as violently as possible. We want each and every one of you out there to play along!

But don't worry, we'll play by the rules. [ A little tilt of her head. ] After all, every game must have proper rules. Otherwise, it wouldn't be very fair, would it.

Goodness, no! Both war and games must have their objectives and the means to achieve them. That is how it must be for strategy and intellect to play their proper roles. So here it is:

[The Major gestures to himself and toward Angie on the other side of the screen.]

Ourselves, the players. Two slavering armies of monsters, the pieces! This City and its population: the chessboard, the territory to be fought over!

[His hands get folded under his chin now, and my his smile is nasty.]

You see, in chess it is often impossible for skilled players to checkmate one another. In that case, victory is determined by the point value of what has been captured or destroyed. So it will be for this City.

It is a bit crude of us, isn't it? Assigning arbitrary points to the lives of such valiant heroes. Reducing the death of a martyr to numbers on a score board, tallies to determine a victor.

[ And her smile goes sticky sweet. ]

But I do so love good sport.

Don't worry though! We made sure to weigh the worth of your lives as being far higher than that of ordinary civilians. You see, we appreciate how special and valuable you all are. That's why we made sure to include you in these festivities.

[The Major spreads his hands.]

So there it is. There's no point trying to sit this one out or hiding while it passes. This battle will not last just a single night- the violence shall continue until one player is defeated! We expect all of you to join in, with no one left out! All of you, fight your very hardest!

[And suddenly the City's evening is filled with the sounds of horrors unleashed.]

Game on!


May. 13th, 2012 12:01 pm
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There are few things that vary as greatly in their manifestations as a mother's love.

It can be tender. Or punishing. And many other things.

But perhaps narcissistic, most of all.

ENCRYPTED TO: Katurian Katurian. )


Apr. 9th, 2012 11:32 am
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[ the camera feed turns on to focus on a basket of wriggling fur. yes. puppies. so many adorable puppies. judging from the sounds and what little can be seen of their surroundings, it's outside somewhere, probably public. the puppies come sniffing at the comm curiously, nudging at the camera with their noses.

there's jostling as the camera is set down. the puppies excitedly crowd it until a small pair of six-fingered hands reaches in to scoop one up. the child holds the one puppy tenderly in her arms.

I do so very much like dogs. With the proper training, they're obedient and loyal-- traits rare in a human being, don't you think?

[ the puppy in her arms is strangely calm, no longer excited but staring with intense focus at her face. ]

Perfect little monsters.

[ there's the laughter of other children, and a young boy and girl run up to her, reaching out to pet the puppies. angie, angie, can we play with them too?

angelica just smiles and reaches to turn the camera off.


Mar. 17th, 2012 07:33 pm
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[ there's a little twitter of a child's laughter as the feed clicks on, a glimpse of small six-fingered hands turning the communicator around to face a young girl with a head of blond curls. she eyes the camera for a long moment before an abrupt smile pulls the corners of her lips back.

two rows of sharp white teeth.

Oh, busy busy little City. I've missed you.

[ sticky sugar sweetness: ]

Have you missed me?


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