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[Angelica sounds tired, but determined and quite thoughtful, like she's been mulling over what to say for days. Spoilers: she has.]

I've always thought that people were essentially good, deep down inside. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when they make mistakes and try to see the good intentions in everybody. Like, maybe they really thought their actions were for the best. Or-- or maybe they were just that ignorant and didn't consider the long term consequences of their choices. I've made every mental excuse in the book for every act of horrible imaginable. But at a certain point... [She trails off for a second.] At a certain point there's just no point in making excuses anymore.

What kind of world is Calvin growing up in? What sort of future does he have if this cycle continues and those who seek to defend humanity wind up eradicating an aspect of it from this Earth? What sort of futures do any of us have? If we stay on this path and stay helpless, what sort of outcome are we inviting?

I'm not a politician and I'm not a fighter, not anymore anyways, and I've never been the type of person who seeks out conflict, but guys... if there was ever a time to rally, it's right now. What are we, as a community, doing and how can those of us who are tired of sitting on the sidelines help?
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[Angelica is in her classroom at Xavier's, mountains of paperwork have managed to pile up around her. She looks frazzled, stressed, but in remarkably good spirits.]

It's prom season, yet again. I know what you're thinking: how can we be thinking about a dance when there's so much chaos and destruction going on around here. But I think it's important to balance superheroics with downtime, and what better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a prom?

For newcomers, this is an annual event hosted by the school every year. It'll be held on June 15th this year and is open to imPorts of all ages. We dress up the Danger Room and there's music and food and it's just something really cool for the community.

[She's about to turn off the communicator when she stops short.]

I almost forgot! We still haven't picked a prom theme! If you have ideas for the dance, or maybe if you'd like to volunteer to chaperone or donate food, please speak to me! We need all the help we can get!

[Then, her eyes narrow a little, and she looks as stern as her gentle face will allow.]

And just something quick for our students. I know the weather is decent, but that's no excuse to cut classes and skip out on your homework. I don't care how bad your Senioritis is, if you don't come to class, you won't graduate.
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In case it wasn't already obvious, I'm back, and so's everyone else who got caught up in Lachesis's most recent display. At least, I think we're all back. I hope no one was too worried about us while we were gone, though I imagine it must have seemed pretty strange to have so many imPorts simply disappear like that.

[That was unnecessary, Lachesis. Totally unnecessary. Also this next bit is locked from Pietro Maximoff.]

Anyway, next week is my second wedding anniversary and I'd like to do something special to surprise my husband. I was thinking a new pair of running shoes might be nice, but I gave him a pair for Valentine's Day and Christmas and it's starting to seem unoriginal.

So, long story short, if you were tasked with buying a present for a man who is the dictionary definition of a diva, what would you get?
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You know, I'm not so far removed from being a kid that I've completely forgotten how much fun winter vacation could be. I mean, who doesn't love a good snowball fight, or spending endless hours Christmas shopping at the mall with friends? But all good things must come to an end, and as such, it's time to go back to school. [A pause for the inevitable boo-hiss from the students on the Network.] Now hold on a second before you guys start complaining. I've got a little proposal for you.

It's been an unusual school year thus far, I know, so I was thinking we could do something fun at Xavier's to ring in the new year right, and get us all excited to return to class. God knows we could always use a morale booster, right? So how about we throw a dance or a talent show, or maybe even put on a school play? Or-- what about a winter carnival? I bet that'd be just the thing to raise our school spirit!

So what do you say? Yes? No? Shut up, Ms. Jones, you're crazy?
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[Angelica is sitting in her office at Xavier's looking incredibly stressed out. Having her half students and staff all wonky-aged does that to a person.]

Right, so, uh, in light of some recent changes around the school, classes are cancelled until Monday... assuming whatever the heck happened last night is fixed by then.

Before you tune me out and start celebrating completely, could all teachers and students who recognize me please, please, please check in with me. I'd like to know just how far this damage has spread.
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Good morning, City. As loathe as many of you are to admit it, the new school year is fast approaching and in just a few short weeks it will be back to the classroom for students and teachers alike. The Xavier Institute will once again be opening it's doors to imPorts seeking educational opportunities through the twelfth grade, as well as training for those wishing to explore the capabilities of their powers. If you're interested in enrolling for the upcoming school year, feel free to contact me or any of the other teachers and we'll get you registered and everything.

[She takes a deep breath and tries to sound more enthusiastic now.]

Which leads me to the real point of this message: The Institute seems to have misplaced a few of it's teachers over the break, so we could probably use a few more staff members. We're seeking applicants with either previous experience in teaching or with a genuine interest in it. Though really, if you're interested and capable of teaching a subject, we'd love to get you on board as an instructor. It's not a glamorous job by any means, but you'll draw a steady paycheck, have all weekends and holidays off, and have the opportunity to influence and guide the next generation.

[Private to Tony Stark]

Hi. Um. I just wanted to say thanks. So, yeah. Thanks.
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Happy City-versary to me! I can't believe it's been 2 entire years, and sometimes I'm not sure I want to.

[Private to Namorita, Gemma, Charles, Kate Kane, & Felicia.]

I'm calling out today and could use a pick me up. Anyone up for some fun? I know a place that opens at noon. :)
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Hello. It's my sad duty to inform everyone that Calvin was ported out of the City earlier this evening.

[A long pause.]

Thank you to everyone who showed him kindness during his time here. I know he was very grateful for all the friends he made here in this world.

[Angelica considers saying more, but just leaves it there and hangs up.]
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Hi. This is just a general question, really. I'm just asking for the sake of curiosity.

[Yup, very convincing. She hesitates a moment.]

How many of you are parents?
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[If Angelica sounds like she's been crying for the past several hours, it's probably because she has.]

My husband... he's...

[She hiccups softly, sniffing back a sob before attempting to speak again. Her voice is quiet and hoarse.]

He wasn't with the others. Pietro's gone.

... What am I going to do?

[And the feed cuts out before she starts to cry again.]
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The City can be a very distressing place to live in sometimes. Between the monster attacks and the acts of terrorism and the other unnatural disasters, sometimes I can't help but wonder how we even manage to survive it, or why we even bother to stay.

[She pauses. There's so much more she could say about that, but... Angelica will just sigh and carry on.]

Anyway, the evacuation's been over for a few days now, so I'd better see each one of my students in class this afternoon. And you all should have your paper-mache projects done. You had an extra week to finish it, so no excuses, guys.
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It's my birthday. I'm twenty-five years old today. [A pause.] I guess that's why I feel all introspective and thoughtful today.

[Another pause. This one's a lot longer.]

If you could pick any age to be again, which would you pick?
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Pietro's been sitting around the house carving these puppets for the last month and it's driving me absolutely crazy. Every time I turn around there's another two or three of them sitting there, just staring at me.

[She picks up a marionette by the strings, looking mildly horrified.]

So, who wants to buy a puppet? They're hand-carved! Made of wood! They'd make a really neat birthday present for someone special or someone that really likes puppetry! $15 for one puppet, and $25 for two! The more puppets you buy, the bigger discount I will give you!

[She sets the puppet down and gives it an uncomfortable look.]

And while I've got your attention, Pietro needs a job. Puppet carving is not going to cut it, I'm afraid. His skills include doing things really quickly, carving things, and being difficult. He will entertain any and all offers of employment.
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Pietro, I love you. But these?

[Angelica is frowning as she holds up a few hideous sweaters.]

These have to go.  They have to go right now. 

[She sets them aside with disgust.]

These are free to a good home. Whoever wants them can have them. I don't care what you do with them, just get them out of my closet.
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Hey everyone, this is a reminder that the Xavier Institute is hosting the prom on Saturday night!  This formal dance is open to the entire imPort community, though miscreants and troublemakers need not attend.  Security and chaperones will be in attendance, same as last year.  There will be music, dancing, and snacks provided, so get yourself all dolled up and come on down to the Institute!

[Private to Pietro Maximoff] )
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[Angelica is sitting at her kitchen table, staring very intently at a coffee mug.  Apparently she's taking a break from the dinosaur insanity to reflect for a spell.]

I arrived in the City one year ago today. I arrived here less than an hour after having a tumor surgically removed from my breast. I was so sick and so terrified. I felt so alone... I thought I was on death's door.  When I arrived here, I was ready to give up.

[She trails off, still staring at that mug, and she doesn't say anything for a long moment.]

Just... What a difference a year makes, you know? I didn't know if I'd even have this year. I would never have predicted I would be where I am today and who I am today. Not in a million years.  I've met people I couldn't have dreamed up, continued my education, found my place in the community.  I fell in love, I got married... I've made a life for myself that I never even imagined back home.

[Another moment of thoughtful silence before she speaks again.]

I guess I mean to say, thank you, City. Thank you for this year.  Thank you for this life.  Thank you for this second chance at being myself.
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[Miniature Angelica is giggling, posing for the camera as she shows off her new frilly pink bloomers.]

Look! Look what Miss Gemma made for me! We match now!

[She spins around, to show them off. As she does this, Gemma appears in the background wearing her own bloomers and corset. Realizing what Angie is doing, Gemma lets out a loud squeal and lunges for the communicator.]

Angie turn that off!

We're twins!

[Gemma finally gets hold of the comm and switches it off as Angelica giggles in the background.]

((ooc: Orange is Angelica, purple is Gemma))
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Uh, hi, Network.  This might be an unusual request, but here goes.

Does anyone here have a good recipe for matzo they'd be willing to share? 

[private to Pietro Maximoff]

You know, I was thinking we haven't gone out in awhile...
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[The comm turns on to show Angelica surrounded by stacks of envelopes and wedding magazines, along with a cardboard spaceship and some of Calvin's other toys. From off camera, Pietro can be heard.]

Are you sure you want to do this?

Yes, of course! This is too exciting not to share.

They'll see them in a few days anyway...

[Angelica ignores Pietro and very excitedly holds up a wedding invitation for the camera!]

Guys! Look what just came from the printer's!

[She finally puts this invitation aside, grinning from ear to ear.]

It's a little short notice, I know, but you're all invited, and I really hope you can make it. Sanji's going to be catering, so at the very least you should come to the reception for the amazing food!  And Doctor McCoy is baking the cake, so you know it'll be fantastic...

[She's just about to turn off the comm, when:]

You did lock this from Spider-Man, didn't you?

What are yo--!

[Angie makes an offended face, turning back to Pietro as the transmission ends.]
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[Angelica's voice is shaky, and she sounds confused.]

The City? I… But… Wha-what is--?

[A long pause. Painfully long. Then, a deep breath.]


[She stops again, sounding much more composed when she finally speaks.]

How long was I gone?  Where's Pietro?
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[The comm blinks on suddenly. It's falling toward a hardwood floor. It sits there in total blackness, until a small, pink and white paw starts batting at it. The cat is able to turn it to one side, at least enough for the microphone to pick up two voices arguing. The video now shows four little kitty legs, and a whole bunch of shelves laying on the ground, along with the tattered remains of a cardboard box, and a small plastic bag with some screws.]

What does this mean? It's in Transian, right? Where are you from again, babe? Sweden?

In Transia they speak a blend of Polish, Romanian, and Russian.

So not Swedish?

No, not Swedish.

But the instructions are in Swedish.

I'm aware.


You could learn it.

[There's a sigh, and then those same little kitty legs run passed the camera. Less than ten seconds later, there's a crash, and more of those shelves land on top of the boxes and other miscellaneous stuff. Those screws from the plastic baggy roll everywhere, one of them eventually hitting the comm and shutting it off.]

((ooc: orange is Angelica, green is Pietro.))
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[This isn't one of Angie's feel-good, warm and fuzzy messages. This morning, Angie sounds pissed.]

God, I'm so sick of this crap.  What is it about the holidays that brings out the absolute worst in people?  It's like it's in vogue to hate the holidays, and this place is turning into a competition to see who can hate it the most.

Don't you people have anything better to do than make lists about the worst parts of the season, or set fire to other people's property, or go on rants about what a hypocrite I am for spending the money I've earned on things I want to buy?  It's my money.  If I want to spend it on IKEA furniture or a Barbie doll, who the hell are you to tell me I can't? 

What right do you have to insult anyone for choosing to celebrate the holidays?  Why is it necessary to spread misery and despair?  We're all trapped in this place, we're all separated from our families.  Feeling lonely and miserable and cold isn't exactly uncommon around here.  So why try to bring everyone down?  What good comes from trying to ruin something that makes some of us happy? 

[And with that, she cuts the comm.]
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[It's an ungodly hour of the morning and Angelica looks exhausted and annoyed, but dammit, she's got something to get off her chest. This speech is directed at someone, but she isn't naming names.]

Have you ever tried to forgive someone and had it thrown back at you?  Like, the person you tried to forgive absolutely refused to let you forgive them or refused to believe you could forgive them?  How do you cope with that?  What are you supposed to do when that happens?  What are you supposed to say?  'Oh hey, you're right!  What you did was completely low and no one will ever respect you again, you freaking disgrace to humanity!'?

[She sighs, rolling her eyes.]

What's the point in brooding and dwelling on your mistakes if the person you've wronged is ready and willing to call the whole thing off?  What good does that do?  How does that solve anything?

I just don't get it.
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Hi, everyone! On Saturday the 30th, Diana and I will be co-hosting a Halloween costume contest at the Institute to raise money for breast cancer research. There's a $15 entrance fee for anyone wanting to enter the contest, and the first prize will be a home cooked dinner of your choice prepared by yours truly. Whatever you want, I'll make it!

You'll also have the opportunity to take part in our Halloween bake sale while at the contest!  If you'd like to donate some baked goods or other food items for the sale, you can bring them by the Institute on the 30th, or let me know and I can pick them up for you. 

Again, the contest is on the 30th, and we'll be starting in the afternoon so people can still hit up the parties and stuff afterward!  I hope to see everyone there!

Oh, and one more thing:  If you're the kind of person who normally runs around in a costume or mask, you'll have to wear something else if you plan on entering the contest.  You'll need to be a little more creative than that.

[private to Pietro Maximoff]

Hey. I need to ask you a question.
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[Angelica's comm turns on to show a photograph of her cat fast asleep on Pietro's face. Angie can be heard cackling in the background.]

I finally got a picture of it! Proof!

[More giggling, and then, another photo of the incident, from a different angle.  The cat appears very pleased with himself.]

Isn't this the most ridiculous thing you ever saw?

[She finally sets the photos down, laughter subsiding as she looks into the camera.]

On an entirely unrelated note, I was thinking it might be nice to organize a bake sale at the Institute in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's something small we could do to help out. As a patient with this disease, this cause is very important to me, so I'll definitely be participating.  I'll be baking some cookies and cupcakes later this week if anyone wants to join me, and I'll have them for sale in my classroom during lunch and passing periods.  All the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research organizations.

If you're interested, please let me know.
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Next Thursday is my birthday.  Anyone up for some bowling to celebrate?  My treat!

[ Private to Pietro Maximoff ]

We need to talk. It's very important.
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[Your regularly scheduled program is interrupted by an anchor at the news desk.]

This is Tom Tucker with this late breaking headline. The Staten Island Ferry became stranded near the South Ferry terminal this morning after it's motor became mysteriously incapacitated. We now go live to Trisha Takanawa on the scene.

[Cut to Ms. Takanawa standing outside the terminal, which has been blocked off by emergency rescue crews who are assisting shaken passengers.]

That's right, Tom. They are calling it the "Miracle on the Ferry". The Staten Island Ferry was just minutes from docking at the South Ferry terminal when catastrophe struck. For reasons TSA investigators have yet to disclose, the ferry's motor was destroyed, leaving the ferry stranded for several hours before the passengers were evacuated under the leadership of Captain Lionel Mandrake.

Emergency crews at the scene have praised the quick thinking of Captain Mandrake, citing his bravery and calm demeanor in the face of what could have been a desperate and dire situation.

In a statement from City Hall, the mayor called Mandrake's actions "heroic", and compared him to the great Sully Sullenberger. 

[Cut to a clip of the mayor giving a statement outside City Hall.]

If not for the heroic actions of ferry Captain Lionel Mandrake, today's story may have ended in tragedy.  With that in mind, it is my honor to officially declare tomorrow "Lionel Mandrake Day" across the City. 

[Cut back to Trisha.]

Move over Sully Sullenberger, the City has a new hero.  Thanks to the noble actions of Captain Lionel Mandrake, these commuters were only a few hours late to work and had a "ferry" good excuse to tell their boss.  Back to you, Tom!

[Tom chuckles like a stooge.]

Thanks, Trisha. We'll have more on this story, and an interview with Captain Mandrake tonight at ten. But we now return you to our ten-hour Maude marathon!

[The news show fades out immediately into this.]
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[The following is a segment from a popular political commentary program. The host is a middle-aged man with large eyes, and he has a very grave expression on his face.]

And now friends, if I may, I'd like to shed some light on the topic of the mysterious fish die out that has plagued our harbor for the last week. It seems that once again our fair City has befallen a strange calamity that no one saw coming, a twisted fate that came upon us like a bolt from the blue. It seems to me like there's been an awful lot of these types of situations cropping up lately. Situations that find our City in dire straits, with no one to help them, situations where our populace could be left struggling to even survive.

And who, who is to blame for this? Is it the president? Well, he certainly isn't helping things with his ineffective, and yes, I'll say it, subversive policies toward governing. But this one isn't his doing. Nor is it being caused by the most unpopular congress in the history of our great nation. Incompetent and criminal as they may be, those fat cats in Washington are not to blame for this ecological and economical catastrophe in the making. Oh no.

Follow me, friends.

[He waddles over to his chalkboard, scrawling out the words FISH, TAX INCREASES, GUN CONTROL LAWS, GAY MARRIAGE, ANCHOR BABIES and IMPORTS. He then proceeds to draw out a complicated flow chart demonstrating how the imPorts are causing America to degenerate. Or something. It doesn't exactly make a lot of sense, but the man is yelling, and he sounds very angry.]

So, as you can clearly see, this rape on American culture is the result of the lackadaisical response of our government in dealing with the imPort problem. Obviously their presence in our great nation is causing adverse ecological and economical effects, effects that can no longer be ignored.

[He chokes back a sob. Yes, he is crying on TV.]

I love my country. I love this country with every breath in my body. And... and it hurts to see her ruined in this way. The imPort menace needs to be halted, by whatever means necessary. Round them up, deport them, send them to Mexico if we can't send them back where they came from. And at the very least, stop them from destroying our fish.

[[ooc: This post is in relation to the mutant piranha plot which is happening now!]]
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Okay, so school is starting here in a couple days, which means lots of people will be back on an early to bed, early to rise sleep cycle.  I bet some of you are planning on celebrating by having a night out on the town, so I wanted to offer an alternative to those of us who are homebodies.  I was thinking, maybe as a last hurrah for the summer we could have a movie night tomorrow.  There'll be popcorn and chips and sodas, and we'll watch 80's movies and visit and have fun.  And you don't have to be a student or a teacher at the Institute to come, you just have to be willing to have a fun night in. 

On a related note, I'll be offering my services as a tutor during the school year.   I don't have any real experience, but I like to think I know a thing or two about history and art.  Please let me know if you're interested!

[ooc: The log is now up here!]
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[Angelica is sitting in her bedroom, surrounded by a small mountain of laundry which she has apparently been sorting into piles.]

Hi, Network. I was wondering if anyone has a suitcase I could borrow for a few days. I promise to return it in one piece, and I will even bring you a souvenir for your trouble.


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