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[ the video, as always, opens to under the sea. Namora is floating on her back near the surface -- somewhere where it's sunny. schools of fish swim feet underneath of her as bits of the sun reflects off of her hair and uniform. she furrows her brows, biting back the scowl, before turning around so she swims straight up: ]

I am looking for someone to fi -- spar with.

[ a pause as she considers saying more and then disconnects. ]
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[ you know how most posts about imPorts leaving are generally sad in some way? well, not this one. the video clicks on and there is Namora floating in the murky, dark depths of the ocean, barely noticeable except for her blonde hair floating around her and those bright blue eyes. then there's a flash of teeth as this cute little guy swims past, circling around her. a few more spot the background.

Namora speaks up after a moment, voice completely calm and slightly cold, but that's it.

He has many... [ measured pause ] acquaintances here so I imagine it is best for you surface dwellers to know as well. [ a beat as she mulls over how to say this. ]

Namor is gone.

[ another pause as she tries to decide whether to cut it there or not and then adds: ]

These waters still remain ours and his declarations still stand. Nothing without given permission will touch these oceans.

[ click ]
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[ look, it's a video of the City!! a City street actually. with no idea of the Skrulls in the water, there is Namora actually walking (well, flying) along the streets. traffic is terrible, crowds are walking, we all know how New York do. she pauses, before speaking up: ]

Despite the times I have spent up here, the human world still amazes me. It has certainly changed. [ you know, since the 40s. ] I'm rather impressed on how accepted the amount of pollution around is, but I'm sure what with how often our waters are dirtied, humans have no care for their own living situations either.

[ she scoffs a little and cars continue carring, buses continue bussing, etc.

and then there's the sound of wolf whistling and then a guy shouting:

Hey, babe! Lookin' real juicy! I'd like to bite me off a piece of that!

[ Namora pauses and the camera barely catches the glimpse of a guy. she utters something like, "Hnf." before the camera drops to the ground and there's a pair of ankle wings followed by shouting from the guy as he's decked squarely in the face, knocked straight into a wall of a building by our sea queen. the crowd's freaking out, Namora's picking up the comm, and already moving on: ]

I do quite despise it up here.
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[ the video opens to deep at the bottom of the ocean. there's Namora, lounging on her side dressed not in a unitard, but rather, a traditional ancient Greek outfit with her blonde hair floating around her. the shadows of whales can be seen high above her and their song hums in the background.

she looks a little... frustrated... and confused? after a moment, she speaks.

I had spent decades trapped, frozen in ice where I was left forgotten to rot. I was abandoned by my people, my -- my friends and family... and no one remembered me. I awoke to a completely different time, the people I cared about dead or gone.... My daughter murdered and I couldn't even -- [ her brows furrow and her teeth clench ]

-- And now -- now I come here and I was taken and left to be forgotten. [ her tone isn't wracked with emotion, in fact, it's almost icy but there's desperation underneath it ] I don't know what they -- those Skrulls did. I don't remember any of it. I lose so much time of my life over and over and I do not -- I cannot handle it. There are so many empty spaces where things should have happened but --

I am afraid that I will disappear, I will lose time again, and -- [ her voice gets a little more desperate ] -- I will lose someone else, just like my daughter was stolen from me.

[ there's a long silence from her as her eyes kind of widen as she realizes what she's saying before a phrase (which is more than likely a swear word) in Atlantean before she cuts the feed ]
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[ another post from the ocean but this time Namora's close to the surface, where you can even see the sun peaking through the water's surface. she's floating on her back, schools of fish swimming far underneath her ]

I assume the majority of us are still alive, correct? And that this "Halloween" has finally ceased?

[ there's no snippy remark or anything added to that. just a question. there's a pause and she adds: ]

The waters have been proving to be more and more empty as of late.

[ it's obvious that she's not talking about the sealife though... rather... the human life. ]
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[ a video sent from deep underwater! how the communicator is working is a mystery, but it is! there's Namora, floating in the water and looking rather displeased. but what's interesting enough is that there are three twelve feet long bull sharks swimming around her. she scowls. ]


[ one of the sharks swims away ]

It seems I needed to be reminded just how thick-headed they really are. [ TALKING ABOUT YOU NAMOR!!!!!

the shark returns and she settles back in the water, hair floating around her. one shark comes rather close to her, swimming underneath her

Now, a query. Do you think these would be sufficient enough for a child's entertainment? [ she gestures to the sharks and one gnashes its teeth before the video cuts off ]
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[ the video turns onto a view of the coast. there's a blonde woman floating above the water.

she does not look happy.

I am Namora of Atlantis, the second highest-royalty. A princess of my realms and I don't know exactly what it is you think you are attempting here. [ her voice is steady, annoyance obvious ]

You bring me here against my will and then expect me to help you? The confederation of Atlantis will not accept this and neither will I.

I may breath air, same as the rest of you land-dwellers, but I am not your personal attack toy. Do not try my patience.

[ and then she cuts the feed ]


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