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Nov. 12th, 2012 11:47 am
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Hey, everyone! Sorry I was gone for so long.

[ you can't blame her for being confused; from her point of view, she was gone for about two years. It had taken her a few minutes to reorient herself to the city, but luckily, she's used to time not making sense, and is perfectly happy to just roll with it. Why, everything is so clear she'd think she hadn't been gone for more than a day or so!

She's sitting in her room with her laptop, looking perfectly human. Trollhaus residents, it's up to you whether you saw her come in or not! ]

I have some big news, so let's get down to business!

[ and with a grin, suddenly she's not human any more. she finally matches her icons, grey skin, curly horns, and a pair of crimson wings she flutters happily ]

No offense, humans, but I'm really glad to be able to be myself again. It's the best of both worlds!

Okay, so that's basically it. Someone catch me up! How long was I gone? Does anyone want to hang out?


Sep. 5th, 2012 05:27 pm
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im 0k if anyone was wondering
ive been at the hospital but they say its not anything too serious
my ribs are bruised and i disl0cated a couple of fingers but theyre letting me out in a couple of days
too bad im n0t missing any school :p
so yeah y0u can come visit me if y0u want

0h and what happened with that thing could someone fill me in i was a little 0ut of it for a while


Aug. 1st, 2012 10:45 am
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ok this has gone on long enough
everyones going to cheer up if i have to make them do it myself!

continued troll text )
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[ it's a shaky cell phone video, but after a moment it's possible to recognize the club and team sign-up board at the school. Aradia's voice pipes up from behind the camera to explain ]

Hey guys! Me and Dave had a talk with some teachers today, and apparently they think we're not involved enough in school to care, and that's why we're both kind of doing awfully. And I guess it's a human thing to make kids stay for more school, except it's for fun?

"For fun" is what they use to rope you in; truth is they're trying to keep an eye on you so you don't get knocked up or whatever at fifteen. Because we're all looking for a screaming kid to get us a free pass outta math.
what are they signing up for? READ ON... )
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[ the camera clicks on to show kanaya, her glow slight and gentle, wearing something rather modest, considering the subject she'll be discussing today. she smiles as she begins her address. ]

You'll pardon the intrusion, I hope, but I thought I might share one of my own passions today. ...Ultimately to your enjoyment, perhaps, should your interests fall along similar lines. I'm speaking, of course, on the subject of fashion. And to that end, we've prepared a small presentation on the topic!

[ she turns the camera around seven girls fancily adorned, aradia, nepeta, rose, feferi, jade, terezi, and nill. she passes the camera down the line, then it moves to the side of a small pathway she'd laid out earlier as a makeshift runway and motions for them to begin their march down it. ]

ooc cut for length because good lord is this long )

So, I hope the show didn't too poorly occupy your time, and I'd like to take this opportunity to note that prom is only two months from now, I believe, and so I will be taking commissions for any outfits one may wish to have prepared for that occasion! I can typically be reached here over the Network, and my fee shouldn't be difficult to negotiate. So, I welcome any clients who may be interested.

[ and she walks back in front of the camera to shut it off ]
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Okay, so, I guess you can consider this a lost and found notice! I found this little guy a few days ago-- [ she points behind her, where a little yellow golem is bobbing through the air ] --but I haven't had any luck finding who he belongs to. He's been eating everything he can find, so I'm taking him outside before he meets the meowbeasts!

[ she hefts a shovel and puts on her fedora. it's hot outside today, and even if she's a human right now she's not fond of the sun! she's about to go off-camera before she adds an aside ]

It's so nice of humans to mark their corpses so we can find them again!


Jan. 7th, 2012 08:30 pm
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can someone please tell me what human funerals are like
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((I'm going to be away for a few hours starting at 7:00 EST, but I will get back to each and every one of you eventually!))
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[After she posts this, she adds another version of the first two paragraphs of the memo, this time read out loud! Gotta reach them human folks, man.]
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off-network; a post-it left next to the My Little Hoofbeast: Moirallegiance is Science DVD stack in Equius' MAC apartment circa 4:00 AM, 6/9 )

[There are some general whooshing wind sounds punctuating this feed, but other than that it's pretty quiet, mostly because Aradia is currently fluttering well above the sounds of the City. A girl's voice which some listeners might find familiar is speaking, but there's something distinctly different about her tone! Namely, the fact that she... has one...]

Guys! Well, I guess that's a little nonspecific, but I think that the people I'm speaking to know who they are. I also know how long I've been away, so there's no need to fill me in there. It hasn't been much time at all anyway! But it also feels sort of longer than it was for me, which is only natural when you're skipping across dimensions and timelines. It's okay, though--better than that, actually. I'm back now.

[She laughs, sounding genuinely delighted.]

I'm really back.
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[The camera is, as ever, being held up telekinetically, so when it clicks on there's also a nice panoramic view of Aradia in an incredibly shitty warehouse! Equius is in the background, sweating up a monsoon, and there's a prone figure on the floor with an immense amount of cinderblocks and assorted heavy crap piled up on top of him. Their face isn't visible, but the two long horns jutting out should make their identity obvious.

Aradia herself appears to be a bit roughed up, and there are several visible cuts on her face and arms, a few of which are still bleeding bright blue. There's also some indigo blood on her knuckles. She doesn't look overly concerned about any of this, although, to to be fair, Aradia doesn't look overly concerned about much.]

Hello. An officer of the law should come to [LOCATION] now.

lj-cutting for length and grossness )

[TEN MINUTES LATER the communicator clicks back on, but to voice this time because giving Gamzee a video image of where they are would just be dumb.]

Okay. He's gone. I hurt him, but he's still fast. You can search the area, I guess. [For like the first time in one of her voiceposts, this doesn't ring totally true:] I don't really care.

[Another pause. She speaks again, finally, with a slightly flanged and inhuman tone to her voice.]

This is stupid. [AND CLICK.]

still later; private to rose )
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[Aradia is recording from the same generic MAC apartment she made her Indiana Jones invitation from, but this time the room looks like it's been hit by a hurricane that makes horse puns. The default MAC furniture has been upset and pitched onto the floor, some of it shattered into dinky wooden pieces, there are cracks and impact marks in the walls, and someone appears to have punched a hole in the bathroom door. It is as a whole, one might say, a legendary piece of shit.

The entire video's audio component is punctuated by some extremely STRONG thudding noises in the background, accompanied by the occasional crash. She turns her head just slightly toward a particularly loud one, sounding mildly bored. This has been going on for a while.]

Don't hit the TV.

I am exercising my best efforts in only breaking things that are immaterial to you. Be thankful I am doing this much. Such limitations are inconvenient.

[Aradia nods, then turns back to address the communicator directly, which is just... floating in the air in front of her. Telekinesis sure is great!]

Hello. Is there anyone on this Network who does repairs? An inexpensive outlet for h--apartment furnishings would also be nice to know about. I wouldn't care before, but I think this place is going to be pretty impossible to live in, now that I'm alive.

I also want to speak to some of the mature humans here. Or nonhumans. As long as you're adults, it doesn't really matter. It appears that nobody is willing to give someone of my "age" a paying job, which really is pretty stupid, but I have--

[There is an immense sound of crashing and glass breaking in the background. Her eyes widen. From Equius' unseen rage corner:]

Oh. Gosh flipping fiddlestrings.

[Aradia snaps around.]

What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

[The comm drops to the ground with a clatter, completely disregarded, AND WE FADE OUT TO THE SOUND OF TROLL RELATIONSHIPS.]

((JUST A NOTE: as Equius' communicator has tragically been crushed via his STRENGTH, he will not be replying to comments left on this post! Unless he happens to overhear something and just... shout over Aradia for a while. Who knows.))
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Hi. I want to break things. Big things might be good, but it doesn't really matter as long as I get to destroy something.

Please tell me what in the City it's okay to do that to. Thanks.
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[It is the same young teenage girl as the last video! This time she is standing around in what appears to be a standard MAC apartment. A lamp is switched on somewhere behind her, casting shadows on her face and intensifying all dat natural 0_0.]

I'm getting pretty bored. This is probably because there is little for anyone of my age group to do other than attend a human schoolhive, and I have no intention of taking part in that. It's been a long time since I pupated, so going is pointless. Has it always been customary for subadult humans to continue education for such a long period of time? It doesn't sound productive.

[Her expression is a little more involved, now, as though there's enthusiasm behind her voice, albeit a distant form of it.] I also used part of the stipend given to us by the machine to purchase some of the human Indiana Jones movies. I want to see how they compare to the Alternian version! Anyone else living in the MAC can come and watch with me, I guess. Unless you're some kind of serial murderer. That wouldn't be much fun.
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[A few minutes later, there's an addendum video tacked on to the initial message! Sitting on some sort of park bench is a young-looking and totally hornless teenage girl with messy tangles of black hair and some dark rings underneath her eyes, wearing a thematic T-shirt. There's still a little something off about her, though. Maybe it's the hollowness to her voice! Maybe it's the flat way she regards the camera! Maybe it's that she is sitting outside in a short-sleeved shirt in February! Whooooo knows.]

So apparently this is the preferred way of asking for information. I don't really care, but if that's what will get me answers I'll try it. Okay. I understand my location and the name of this planet. We have been enlisted into a new session by a machine of unknown but significant and ominous capabilities. Our immediate goal is to be heroes, despite the inevitable pointlessness of such a task and the fact that our abilities have been curbed. I know that. She told me already.

But she isn't talking anymore, and I'm sick of being jerked around. Although it's not as if anyone cares about that! Anyway--please tell me more about the City. Or don't. [A pause.] That's all.

[And with that, she shuts the communicator off.]


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