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This City has a way of causing migraines.

[Private to Eames: encrypted]

Why do you keep stealing my socks?
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[There are the sounds of an airport - boarding calls and gates changing and closing before Arthur's voice speaks]

I didn't mean to be gone so long.

[Except that he totally did.]


Nov. 21st, 2011 03:55 pm
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[This video is of Arthur: it's clearly in an airplane, first class, and he looks like he's stopped working for a moment to film this.]

I'll be traveling for the next week if you want to get ahol-

[Suddenly from the seat over, the top of a certain forgers head and forehead are visible as they droop onto Arthur's shoulder. There is a slight snuffle and snore, but his face never comes on-screen. Arthur turns and speaks to the owner.]

Are you drooling on my Armani?


[This is clearly a stewardess here.]

Sir, would you like me to get your husband a pillow?


[Arthur realizes he's still filming and click! The feed goes off.]
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[This sounds like it's almost long suffering]

Who can tell me about fanfiction?


Jun. 20th, 2011 01:21 pm
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I left the City for one week and people are getting soul-sucked? What does that even mean?

I'm postponing my return for a few days.

[Encrypted to Zatanna's staff + Zatanna herself]

Because I'm postponing my departure, I'm going to have to trust that you'll all keep things going as smoothly as possible. If something happens, you can contact me on my mobile. If it's an emergency I'll arrange to come back sooner.
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There are time frames in any line of work. If you don't get results in days, weeks, months. Years, maybe, but that's rarer, people, in my experience, don't have the kind of deliberate patience needed for that kind of commitment, not when it comes to work that's more than pushing papers.

I've been here for over a month, and I don't think that's proven to be very long.

[There's the slight rattle of something plastic.]

In my line of work we usually look at hours over days. Ten hours to do a job. Ten hours turn into the possibility of ten years. It's a paradox.

[And then there's the sound of steel moving on steel, screeching, and silence for a minute before the audio clicks off]
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[There's the sound of a piece of plastic landing on a piece of wood, once, twice, three times. Anyone familiar with it might recognize it as the sound of a die landing, with a distinct clatter every time it reaches the final side. Then the noise stops and there's a slight exhale of breath]

I suppose answers are too much to hope for, even if I did know the right questions to ask in this scenario. Architecturally speaking, I didn't think Ariadne had it in her.

But it isn't mine, either.

Look, I'm not really interested in being a hero. Is there some kind of solution to this? I'm hoping for something a little more elegant than, 'turn to villainy.' I'm sure someone out there has developed a way to go home.

[Something is almost muttered: wake up]


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